Three Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing Content Creation For Your Startup Business

  If you’ve launched a new business, whether you’re an individual, working with partners, or with a small team, you’re going to need content to promote your business. By content, I mean the articles you post on your blog, the videos you release and all the positive messaging you put out there to make sure […]


These Are The Type of Tasks You Should Be Considering Outsourcing In Your Internet Marketing Business

If you think about getting going using outsourcing in a business in order to increase your productivity or simply to eliminate tasks from the equation which you don’t enjoy doing, you may be wondering what kind of things could be outsourced. The truth of the matter is, almost anything that can be completed using a […]


Generate High Quality Original Podcast Content Cheaply (Or For Free)

Many people think of a podcast as being a live and spontaneous show, but that’s far from the truth. I talk more about it in my Little Podcast Efficiencies training, but often, the best podcasts are carefully planned, structured and systematised. The main advantage of having a structure? It removes the need for the podcasts […]


PLR Article Pack Cash Flow System

lf you're looking to break into the online market, you need to have a skill and a way of making money. For many people, that skill is writing. After all, if you can use the Internet and you can make posts on forums, you can probably write. And writing articles is the easiest way to […]


Fast Article Writing Trick

A little trick I’m going to share with you if you find writing articles hard or slow going. To do this, you need a voice recognition program, like Dragon Naturally Speaking.