Using A Resale Rights Product On Your Email Optin Page

One question I’m often asked is “should I use an existing resale rights product on my email optin page?

Often it can be highly tempting to simply find a resale rights product and then to use that as an ethical bribe to get people to subscribe to your mailing list. Now this can be a highly effective strategy. It’s quick to set up and can get you going in next to no time. But it may not give you the highest optin rate, and over time you may want to move to a different model which is better for you.

There are three main reasons why this may not be an attractive offer to your prospects. First of all, if it’s an old product, they may have seen this before, and they may not wish to opt in to receive it. Secondly, it doesn’t give you any kind of branding rights, and branding personal information throughout a report can be highly important to you. And finally, this limits greatly the amount of secondary income you can draw in from this product.

When you’re putting together your optin page, ideally you want something that prospects haven’t seen before. One great danger of resale rights products is they can often exist all over the web. If this product has been available for any length of time, you can see it being sold on eBay, being sold through dime sales, or even being given away for free by other marketers. Products can date quite quickly in the Internet marketing world, and a long term product may not look that attractive to a potential customer.

Standards of graphics on the Internet have come on dramatically in recent years, and this can affect the standard of the package which you’re showing to them. So sometimes simply using a resale rights product may be outdated, and so this may not be appealing to the person you’re hoping will opt into your mailing list.

Secondly, you’re limited severely in your branding opportunities for a resale rights product. It’s important when you’re trying to market to develop your own personal brand. This means people need to know your name and know your niche, because you want them to open your emails in the future and to buy from you. To do this, ideally you want to put your photo and your name very prominently on as many pages as possible of the report that you’re giving away. For a resale rights product, you don’t have that option to rebrand it directly. If you’re putting a product together from scratch, you can incorporate this additional information.

To get around this sort of resale rights product, you may wish to include an additional short report or license file along with the product. This will just give you an additional branding opportunity. But generally branding is more important to be done — especially if you’re looking for long term prospects, a long term mailing list — you may wish to generate a product from scratch.

The final reason for not using resale rights product is it doesn’t give you a great deal of options for secondary income. A secondary income funnel might be something such as an affiliate link inside the report. This means that you make money every time somebody clicks on that link and purchases whatever the product is you recommend.

If you use a resale rights product, it probably does already have secondary income incorporated within it. The problem is that this secondary income is directed at the person who produced the resale right report. Not you. So they’re the one making money for secondary income from your prospects.

Further, you may wish to include additional offers or details of your other services inside the report. This can give you further secondary income. By only having a resale rights product, you don’t have this option. So, ideally, you’re putting together your own product so you can incorporate as many of these secondary money funnels inside it as possible.

So generally using resale rights products for your optin page are not recommended unless they tend to be something which are quite new and innovative that your prospects will not have seen. You’re limited in the branding opportunities available within them, because you cannot edit the resale rights product before you put it online. And finally, you’re secondary income is also restricted because this is already tied to affiliate links and offers of the original marketer, who is understandably wanting to make money from their own resale rights product.

By putting together a product from scratch, you have all these additional opportunities and more to finally develop something that you can be proud of and that can get you a great participation rate from your optins.

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