Fast Article Writing Trick

A little trick I’m going to share with you if you find writing articles hard or slow going.

To do this, you need a voice recognition program, like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The trick is simple. Just speak your article instead of writing it.

Most people can talk far faster than they can write. Using this method you should be able to write an article in five minutes, instead of the usual fifteen or so. You just need to proof it and then your article is ready to submit.

There’s a second trick with this method that you can use.

Ideally, you’ll have all the information you need to write an article in your head before you start. That way, you can just put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, or mouth to microphone) and blast out your article in one take. But if it’s an area you’re less familiar with then this can be difficult.

The benefit of the dictation technique is that you can have other windows open whilst you’re dictating. Because you’re not worrying about watching the screen whilst you type, the size of the text window only needs to be minimal.

Just read the fragments of text in the different windows at the same time as you dictate and use these to shape your ideas (just remember not to use them for ideas, not copy them word for word). With practice, you can be reading ahead at the same time as dictating a previous sentence.

You’ll have perfect original articles in no time!

Do you dictate your articles, or have any other tips to speed this up. Hit the reply box and let us know.

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