Cursing in Internet Marketing

Today, I want to share with you one of my biggest peeves in Internet Marketing. Am I out of line?

It’s all those marketers who feel the need to swear and curse over the place.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

(1) I recently received an e-mail from a marketer with a swear word in the title. Now, it was one of those words that is perhaps only mildly offensive in the US, but much more so in other countries. I couldn’t hit the unsubscribe button fast enough. To me, this shows two things. First, a lack of ability to write a convincing headline without needing to resort to swearing. Second, no knowledge of other countries and cultures. The latter only is enough to convince me to never buy anything you’re offering or promoting, as if you show this lack of knowledge in e-mails, it’s sure to also be present in your products.

(2) This one is much common. Video products, webinars, audios, where the presenters feel the need to swear to make their points. Completely unnecessary. This isn’t something you’d expect at a commercial presentation. Just because the information is provided electronically, the same standards of good practice should still apply.

Certainly, you won’t see me needing to swear in my products to make a point.

I hope people reading this agree with me. Reply with a comment and let me know if you do (or even if you don’t, but keep it clean)!

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LOL. I do tend to swear on my personal blog, but would never do that in front of a client! Especially in a sales letter or something of that sort.

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