Blog Post Scheduling

Just interested in what tactics everyone uses to post to their blog.

In particular, how far ahead do you schedule your posts?

Looking at mine, I can vary anywhere between live publishing and being a couple of weeks ahead. I can’t see getting any further ahead than that, because so many things can change which would make blog posts invalid.

Of course, I go back, reschedule and rearrange.

The tactic, I’ve found, is as soon as there’s an appropriate idea, to write the blog post.

That way, there’s always content scheduled. Pl – online casino games, you have come to the best online casino site on the – betting site to find out all you need to know about where to play. After all, who knows when life will catch up, and there’s nothing worse than a regularly updated blog which suddenly goes quiet.

That bit of breathing room will no doubt be very important at some point (yet to be identified).

So, if you don’t already do it, I suggest you go into your blog and schedule two or three future posts, which will fit into your blog without dating too much.

If you prefer to post live you can continue to do so. Just reschedule the ‘backup’ posts each time.

That way, you will always have guaranteed content, even if you have to miss updating your blog for a few days at a time.

Do you use this strategy, or have any other hints to pass on? Just reply and share your expertise.

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I try to keep a few back up posts in my arsenal for when things are going slow. However, I also love to use Stumbleupon to generate ideas for blog posts. I just narrow the category down to my niche and then check out what others are writing about. It's great for getting good ideas when you don't have anything to write about.

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