Physical Bonus Products

I’ve noticed a new trend appearing with mid to high ticket items.

That is, giving a physical product to accompany the offer.

I’m not just talking about burning a course to DVD, or having it produced in hardcopy.

I’m talking about real physical items designed to complement the course.

For instance, in a course about video, a Flip Camera might be provided as the bonus.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and it does appear to give great value to people buying the product. After all, they can check for themselves how much it would cost.

But, is it a really a better deal than just discounting the course or product in the first place? For instance, what if you already had a Flip as in this instance? Would you be less likely to purchase because the bonus would be quite useless to you.

It’s a dilemma, and one which I would value opinions on.

Just post your reply in the box below.

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