Getting Traffic To Your Blog

If you’ve just launched a new blog, you may suddenly find a difficulty that you hadn’t otherwise anticipated – that nobody is visiting your blog. This is a problem for many bloggers. They may go ahead and post passionately about their topic day in and day out, but if there are no visitors there, then […]


Three Ways To Use A Spare Hour To Build Relationships

No matter how hard you work, there are always moments of downtime during your day, or time spent in front of the TV that you just always feel could be spent more productively. In fact, you probably get these spare hours all year round. Sometimes they don’t seem like they’re giving you enough time to […]


Are Your Old Blog Posts Working For You?

As we all move forward into 2017, I want to take an opportunity to look back. Think about all the hard work that you’ve already put into your blog. All of the hours of research you’ve done. All of the posts you’ve made. All of the posts that are of high quality but are no […]


Generate High Quality Original Podcast Content Cheaply (Or For Free)

Many people think of a podcast as being a live and spontaneous show, but that’s far from the truth. I talk more about it in my Little Podcast Efficiencies training, but often, the best podcasts are carefully planned, structured and systematised. The main advantage of having a structure? It removes the need for the podcasts […]


Twitter Traffic Funnel

Tweet I want to take some time today to share with you a plugin that I've had installed on my blog for a few months now, and which really helps me with driving traffic to the blog. If you haven't got it installed, you really should. The plugin is TweetMeme.