TipDrop Hits 9,000 Indexed Pages

Have you used TipDrop yet?

The site’s only been up since mid-July, but already has over 9,000 pages indexed in Google.

9,000 TipDrop Pages Indexed

And, a search for ‘tipdrop’ itself in Google returns nearly 30,000 results.

Staggering! It just shows how quickly a site can go viral with the right idea and the right marketing.

TipDrop fills a gap for people who want to build a community in a Twitter like manner. There are some really excellent Tip Sheets on there for a lot of topics and it’s slowly reaching the masses, rather than just being dominated by Internet Marketers.

As the highest ranked poster of the site, I’ve certainly seen how valuable it can be.

TipDrop Ranking

In a future post I’ll share with you some of the ways I use TipDrop.

Do you use TipDrop? What do you think of it? Is it as valuable as people thing?

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