Build a Community On Your Blog

Here’s one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve seen about establishing your blog.

Always end a post by asking for comments.

There’s a few ways that you can do this:

  • write something controversial and ask for opinions
  • finish your post with a question
  • just straight out ask “what did you think of this post?”

I’ve seen people with established blogs who flat out demand posts (“I’m not posting until I get 10 comments”). I’m not planning to do that, but I guess it works for some! 🙂

But, asking for comments is definitely a great tactic, and only takes seconds to add to what you’re already posting.

So let’s do just that.

What tactics do you use to build a community on your blog?

One reply on “Build a Community On Your Blog”

Lol I love your following your own advice. I do tend to want comment on peoples blogs who ask a question, people who want my thoughts. Otherwise it just feels like its a personal blog or at least thats my take.

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