How Much Effort Do You Put Into Your Free Reports?

In Robert Plank‘s blog he recommends a method to ‘Create a Product in 55 Seconds or Less For Free’.

Here’s how Robert recommends that you do it.

Go to a free article site like EzineArticles or GoArticles. Type in your niche keyword, like “toilet train cat” … and pick out 7 articles.

Most of these article sites allow you to copy and use the articles, as long as you leave each person’s resource box intact.

This means you can copy the 7 most informative articles, paste them into a Word document (keep the resource boxes intact), convert it to a PDF, and offer it as a special bonus for signing up, in addition to your usual updates.

No question, this is a perfectly legitimate way to get a free report in the system and to use it to start building your list.

After all, you’re taking information that the authors of the articles in question have explicitly licenced you to use. Fact it, these authors want you to reuse their articles. It’s getting their link and their site out there.

Plus, because you’re using these articles in a report, rather than on your site itself, you’re probably not losing too much traffic to them.

But, I like to put a lot of effort into all my reports, paid or free.

I like them to look professional.

My thought is that you need to interject a bit of your personality into the report and make them look like something that people would be happy to pay for.

This doesn’t need to take a whole host of time. I have a standard template for all my reports which I can copy and paste text into, then neatly format it. If you like, I’ll share the elements that go into that in a later blog post.

I just feel that the extra time will make people remember you in the future and be more responsive to what you offer.

You could do this with 7 articles, or you could rework PLR, a selection of your best blog posts, or even write your own material.

Has anyone had success with the 7 article method? Hit the comment box and let us all know.

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