The Four Hour Work Week is Realistic!

Or is it?

I suspect that, for most people, working just four hours a week won't be realistic, or even possible (I can't just switch off after four hours).

But what I am going to do in this post is to show the highly successful four hour strategy which I use on many of my niche sites to keep them running for a month at the time in four hours.

The secret is batch production.

Set up the blog, the products and the autoresponder in a four hour blog.

The diagram below shows you how it's done.

Four Hour Workweek Niche Strategy

It's all about working for a month at a time, and getting your blog and autoresponder synchronised together to sell your site and to sell your projects.

Start off by researching four topics to write about (one for each week of the month). You can use whatever your usual best method is for blog research.

You want topics that work well together and you can write about one after another.

Next, find a picture for each topic to draw topic from Google images.

Compose the four blog posts in WordPress, with the pictures, and with your affiliate links or promotional strategies, and queue these up to be released once per week.

Now, go to your autoresponder and create four posts, each of which goes live just after the blog post, and will direct people from your list to your new blog post.

With practice, you can get all that complete in two hours, so use the rest of the time to promote your site. Add some more autoresponder messages, identify products to promote, write articles for traffic, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that your site will keep running on autopilot, and, in the right niche, that means that it will make money.

So, can you really have a four hour work week. Well, if you have four niche sites you could alternate, one a week, and then you'll be a long way towards your goal. And all without outsourcing a thing.

Any other ideas to work for a four hour week? Just reply below and share them with the community.

7 replies on “The Four Hour Work Week is Realistic!”

I've really been wanting to read the 4 Hour Workweek Book. I'll probably end up buying this week on Amazon. I know that it can be done, but I seem to get such an online ADD syndrome that I end up failing on the follow though! I'm learning, though.

How much does it cost?
Well I think it can be a blog or something like an online business though I love the but I think it is somewhat hard to imagine.

Hey Thom,
You mention autoresponders a lot in most of your blog posts, out of curiousity what autoresponder do you use, and how much did it cost you?

Mel, I always cost things in two ways, both money and time. Most things have a monetary cost (that is, even to carry out this strategy I need web hosting, which isn't free), but there's also a time cost (four hours in this case). I try and complete tasks which balance out both of these. Generally, I work for longer term returns, so something that takes a bit of time at the moment isn't so much of a problem to me (so long as I have that time to put in). It's really a personal decision though what works for you.
Jen, the Four Hour Workweek book is an excellent read. I don't know how applicable it is to everyone, as you really have to be in a position to move your business into immediate autopilot to get the full value from it. For more people, that's just not feasible. But it does have inspirational qualities about it. There are a lot of other books where the information can be applied immediately, and it's always worth considering that when you read something.
Jamie, I use Aweber exclusively and just pay their published rates. I'm technically capable, so could install my own autoresponder software, but the deliverability of Aweber (and not being banned as spam) is the most important thing for me. The Aweber service is the industry standard and so it just makes sense for me to with that option. Again, it all comes down to the money and time factor. In this case, I could never duplicate Aweber, even with all the time in the world.

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