The Ethics Of Warrior Forum Affiliate Marketing

A much more time sensitive post than usual, and one which I suspect will generate some discussion (if you want to join into the conversation, you'll find the comment box at the end of the post).

I've seen a lot of discussion recently asking just what is it acceptable to do to generate WSO sales?

There are some (very old school) Warriors who insist that WSOs simply shouldn't have affiliates, with the claim being that these violate the rule that a WSO must be a better offer than is available to the general public (presumably, the act of promotion means that it is then being offered to the general public).

I don't see that as a serious concern, but it does demonstrate the changing landscape of the Warrior Forum.

The Automation Of WSOs

I raise the question of ethics in the context of a WordPress plugin, designed to help WSO affiliates, which was sold as a Warrior Special Offer for a couple of days, before being suddenly banned.

The plugin automated the process of requesting affiliate links for WSOs, then posting adverts for the WSOs on a blog.

As I already have a blog where I post occasional details of WSOs at, I grabbed a copy of the plugin to test, as I know did plenty of other Warriors – and, as it was working well, I even notified people about it.

Clearly, this process crossed a unwritten line about what was acceptable for WSO affiliates somewhere, as the WSO was suddenly closed. The reasoning for this isn't clear, although I've read the thoughts on a few other people.

This post is really my thoughts of the pros and cons that I can see towards a plugin like this. The ethical boundary is where the question lies.


Pros For The Plugin


Many of the best pieces of software help to automate a task that can be completed by hand.

In this case, there are already many sites which archive WSOs and provide affiliate opportunities to buy them.

I'd been looking for a solution like this for my own site, so this opportunity stood out as particularly timely. You just need to make an online payment to start playing instantly.

WSO Approval

The very nature that the WSO had been approved meant that it had been checked by Warrior Forum moderators and deemed suitable.

There was no deceptive sales copy for this plugin – it made it very obvious right at the start of the copy what the plugin was for, and what it did.

Increased WSO Traffic

Certainly, as someone who creates WSOs myself, I'm always very keen to see people promote my WSOs and drive traffic to them.

I'd look at any plugin which makes it easier for affiliates to promote for me as being a good thing.


Cons Against The Plugin

Increased Traffic To Warrior+Plus

I expect that the additional affiliates, and the regular requests to Warrior+Plus put a strain on that system.

Now, considering the very large sums of affiliate money that flow directly through Warrior+Plus every day, I suspect that problem could be easily solved.

Additional sales to affiliates would only be a good thing for Warrior+Plus, due to all the cross-sells and upsells present during the sales process.

Reuse Of Content From WSOs

There are issues with copying sales copy from WSOs and including them on another page.

Although many sites already do this, and many sellers are happy so long as this is promoting their products, this is a breach of copyright.

The Whole Issue Of Automation

It could be argued that automated requests go against the spirit of the Warrior+Plus affiliate programme. 

The ethos of Warrior+Plus is that all affiliates are personally selected and approved. Loosing this may cause confidence to be lost in that system.


The Way Forward

I suspect that one of the biggest problems was simply that the plugin creator hadn't directly discussed his aspirations with the Warrior Forum and Warrior+Plus owners before releasing the plugin.

This was likely an attempt to rush a solution to market. The plugin is one of those type of tools where you do need to have people on your side, even if you're not directly breaking any rules.

Certainly, the plugin solved one inherent problem with Warrior+Plus – the difficulty of attempting to get affiliate links for and promote a larger number of products. Often Warrior+Plus can be slow for both customers and affiliates, and with its ever increasing use, this situation will only get worse.

I'm sure there is scope for a plugin which could automatically create affiliate posts with embedded links and content ready to be edited. Some sort of search mechanism, to decide which topics to create posts on, would also be useful.

There are still many questions about how automated is considered allowable…

  • Is there is a limit about how many WSOs can be promoted at one time? For instance, is it acceptable to request affiliate links merely to tweet about every WSO?
  • Can affiliate links be requested 'on spec' (as I often do, as I like to keep my options open)?
  • Should you only request links for products that you're going to seriously promote?

When paying a monthly fee to access a closed affiliate programme, some of these issues do need to be addressed.


Over To You

Where do you think the ethical line is drawn? Have I missed any obvious considerations?

I welcome comments, thoughts and ideas.



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I'm not usually the first person to comment on my own posts, but one more idea did occur to me.
One possible consequence of having many more affiliates may be to dilute the apparent purchase rate of WSOs, making this seem less positive than it really is. I can imagine that being frustrating to some sellers.


The reason a lot of us are members of WarriorPlus is to get the highly targeted affiliates. After carson launched that plugin, I received many affiliate requests.
Remember… I have something like 5-10 products available for promotion right now, and they can request hundreds of products in seconds. This caused me to receive lots of e-mails and have to manually approve all these people. The other thing is, it doesn't give a reason for approval.
In the spirit of WarriorPlus, you want a system where you give a reason WHY you should be approved. For someone like me, that helps me approve someone to be my affiliate.
I have no problem with people blogging my WSO, I will accept them all day long, the issue I have is with people who request EVERY WSO, and an automated system that lets them do that is going to be a not-so-worth-it annoyance in my opinion.
I  think something like this would work better for clickbank etc.

You know I have no problems with automation but this plugin does something I would not automate in the way this one did.
The reason is I use the WSO Pro system as an affiliate purely to pick the wso's that I honestly believe proof to be valuable. I even buy the wso's I promote before promoting it. And that means that I only promote a few wso's. If I wouldn't and send out a wso promotion daily , just to send out something I do not see any value for my subscribers/visitors.
There are so many wso's that are to be honest just not worth it and haveing those on my site and me promoting it would not be how I would do it, I even think that in the end you are hurting your own wallet as people will not buy from you as you promote anything. 

I appreciate your point of view Thom. 
Personally (when wearing my affiliate hat) I feel that I have a right to request a hoplink whether I plan to promote a product with a tweet or whether I will use it to broadcast it to my mailing list.
It shouldn't matter one bit if I request hoplinks manually or in an automated fashion.

The fact of the matter is that the vendor doesn't have to approve my request.
(wearing my vendor hat) I personally wouldn't mind if an affiliate is using my sales material to assist them in driving traffic to my product..
As far as the spirit of a wso… one may not agree with me but I feel that the spirit of the wso was that the offer (posted and sitting in the wso section) must be the best offer available on the net. 
Lets be honest and think about this… Alan Says doesn't care or monitor who buys these wsos. If he did he would lock down the wso forum to logged in members (free or otherwise)

I suspect Alan understands that if he were to lock it down would deminish the value to the vendors he charges $40 to post and bump their threads.
I suspect Alan is very please to have affiliates, search engines, twitter etc to send traffic to his forum. A certain % of this traffic will convert to becoming a forum member.
Mike from warriorplus couldn't be that upset because he earns $4 a month from new affiliate members. He gets these affiliate members on a mailing list where he can promote new products that affiliates click thru to and purchase. (I know because he makes lots of money from me that way)
These points I see as a possible negative under specific conditions.
If the wso forum was closed to only logged in members to see a post then I could see advertising a wso on an outside site that could be purchased might not sit well because non members would be able to see the content.
I could also see that if the plugin remained to allow a buy button right on the blog post then the buyer isn't being taken to the warrior forum for a chance that Alan could obtain a new forum member.

Short of those points I can't see a negative to anyone involved with the makings of a wso.
Thanks for your time and a forum to share my own opinions.
Richard Wing
skype – richardwing

Hi Thom & Caleb,
I completely agree with Caleb's comments. I only have 2 WSOs up right now and received about 20 aff requests yesterday, I can only imagine how many requests Caleb received having 5 or more products up!

I did look at the plug-in when it first popped up on the WF, and noticed a few comments about people having the same WSO go onto their blog 3 or 4 times and other misc errors, so obviously it has a few bugs in it.

I did like Thom's comments in his email about making each WSO a draft and then reformatting them (another thing I did not like about the plugin that Carson showed in his sales video, formatting of the post on his blog looked bad!)

It is like anything else, if you use it properly it might be a good tool, if you just want every WSO on your blog in hopes of making aff commissions, then there will be problems.
My 2 cents 🙂

@Caleb Spilchen

With or without the automation you have an issue of affiliate approvals. That was the design(good or bad) of an approval process. 

We wont debate the fact that Mike should have offered a option to vendors to decide if they want their affiliate process to require requests or allow all affiliates to promote without approval.

I have used their vendor system and it frustrates me that I have to camp out on the site or watch for notifications for an affiliate to get approved. On the other side as an affiliate It really upsets me that I have to request and wait to get approved when I set aside time to work on my emails for the day and the vendor isn't around to approve my request so I can send out my emails.

I think your issue is the fact that an automated tool will increase your work load and my point is Mike is the one to complain to for another option of not requiring affiliates to be approved because with or without an automated tool it is laborous and un-needed or at least should be left up to the vendor to decide how he wants to run his campaign for that sale.

When I get affiliate requests I approve everyone. I don't want to spend more time than I have to speak to a potential affiliate. I would rather use that time to work with an affiliate that has proven to me later that he can produce. At that point I will invest my time to help him even more.

My thoughts are this… If you try and communicate with someone and find out what they can do for you before you accept them what do you gain by doing that because they could be blowing smoke in the first place. You will never really know until they perform. 

The wso pro system IMHO is not the most vendor friendly solution out there and cost you time and efforts that you have to decide worthy of the tradeoff you may get by having warriorplus affiliates.

I have already suggested to Carson to make us a tool that would automate the affiliate approval inside warrior plus. I haven't heard back but I am sure myself and I suspect many other vendors will jump on such an automated tool that will shave off so much time for each project.
I respect everyones right to how they run their affiliate system and if they want to approve someone then that's cool. I have not had ONE vendor contact me first to communicate and get to know me or my intentions prior to approving my affiliate request. I do wish that a designer of a system would recognize that there are vendors that appreciate and enjoy the clickbank type affiliate model.

Even RAP we designed it so that the merchant can decide if he wants to require signups globally, per product or just promotion with your paypal. That gives full control to the vendor to decide what is best for his business.

I guess my points are that I am all about automation. I think that businesses / individuals offering solutions to internet marketers should know their prospective clients. If they did then they would know that most of us are small one or two person businesses and anytime you can make it easier for your client you can't go wrong.

I feel Warriorplus doesn't know me and I feel Carson knows exactly what I want and need to lower my workload and increase my bottomline.

Sorry for ranting.

Thanks for allowing me to share again.

Richard Wing
skype – richardwing


The great thing about the automation tool is that you can do exactly what you described you do.

Thom in his email yesterday even described how he uses it to auto post to his draft section and he them assigns the posts where he wants or deletes them and doesn't promote them.

Its totally flexible and because you may want to only promote certain products and you review each one, doesn't mean there are not people out there that would like to use the plugin to auto blog to their niche sites.

The plugin from what I understood had more features coming out and I suspect that he could have designed it to look at headlines and if the headlines included certain keywords that wso's with those keywords would get posted to certain categories on the blog.

A feature to only post wsos that included certain keywords period would have been an option too.

Richard Wing
skype – richardwing


Your comment about the theme. I agree. i purchased the plugin and did a simple search inside wordpress for a theme to fit my needs and this is the one I found and I think it shows the posts perfectly.

Also I have not experienced any double postings of wsos yet and its been running since yesterday.

Let me know if you like the theme or not. 😉
Richard Wing
skype – richardwing

In conclusion , can be used. I just made my WSO site, and I'm asking if can receive a ban from WF. Now,this involved also other investments : host + domain + monthly subscription to aff plus 
Personally,I think was a good ideea this plugin . I also receive many positive ideea from some warriors,many are very glads that some WSO's come back to life ! 
If almost every affiliate site allow a wp plugin (for free), why Warrior Forum have problems ,even if you pay a monthly tax?
I'm not agree with ideea to give a reason to owners why you would promote their products. Amazon need a reason to promote?

Yes the theme looks very good and the WSOs are formatted nicely.
i would like to see some type of search feature in the plug-in that allows me to only go after WSOs I am interested in and that are good.
I agree with @Edwin, a lot of WSOs are not that good. i always buy any product and test it out before sending to my list.
I protect my email list with my life and only send out top quality info and offers, as I am sure everybody here does as well.
Makes us good warriors and marketers, not a newbie who just signed up to the WF last week, joined the war room and paid $4 for WP affiliate access.
I did approve a few of those yesterday.. hee hee 🙂
Hell, my parrot could do that, though I am still trying to teach her how to blog – to cut down on my work load a little!
Cheers everybody!

First of all, great discussion… and thank you Thom for raising the issue.

I am mostly a customer of WSO's, not a promoter, and I resent it when I receive an email for every wso that gets posted. I would rather find an affiliate whom I can trust to only recommend those WSO's he or she has reviewed and feels are worth my time.

One example is all the WSO's that were launched recently that tell you (supposedly) how to create and market a WSO.

I don't want to purchase all of them and have to spend the time to review them all to find the best one. I want the affiliate who has me on his list to do that hard work. He's MAKING money off of my purchase, so I expect him to do this for my benefit. When that doesn't happen, sorry folks, but I just UNsubscribe to YOUR list. I don't need you hammering my email box every day with questionable quality products.

I receive SO MANY emails for product offerings from affiliates that I don't always trust them to provide me with the highest quality referrals.

If an affiliate marketer can honestly direct me to the best quality products, I would certainly appreciate it, and it builds trust. I have my own business to run, and I just can't take the time to review every product just because some affiliate wants to make money off his list.

But the fact is, there are so many WSO's now, that I mostly just delete the promotional emails I receive.

I either wait until I am referred to a product by a trusted business associate, or by a product author from whom I've already made a purchase and found his products to have exceptional value.

Thanks for the excellent comments, which I've been reading with interest.

Carson has posted an update for customers (and offered some very generous gifts for buyers under the circumstances, and it does seem like the potential copyright issue was what led to the WSO being closed. I do this can be worked around.

A few people have mentioned the Four-Step Mechanism for posting relevant promotional content around WSOs. I think I'll make this into a blog post on its own (likely for next week), as I've had a few thoughts about how this can be done, with or without the plugin.

Another issue has been whether all WSOs are worth promoting. Frankly, they're not. I personally only ever email about WSOs I've tested, like and think deliver value for money. You'd have to have a massive collection of lists to mail about every WSO. I see an online archive as serving a different purpose. You can certainly archive and review both good and bad WSOs.

@Caleb, interestingly Carson has been asking about a similar ClickBank plugin on his blog. I suspect the reason for affiliates promoting using Warrior+Plus right now, is that WSOs convert like nothing else in the Internet Marketing world. Now, Warrior+Plus is an automatic affiliate of everything, so this increased traffic is probably welcome.


The other issue I have, is CRAP Traffic mixed with not returning refunds. Someone mentioned that they should allow you to just have auto approve for everyone, and while in essence that sounds like a good time, you can have an affiliate who won't give refunds, and leave YOU stuck on the hook for the money

You could also have the affiliate that sends traffic to your $3 EPC page, and makes no sales, therefore taking your stats down.

Caleb, yes I do agree with you about the stats being very important. That's what I was trying to express in the first comment, but probably didn't express it very well (I wrote it quickly).

I've run WSOs before where there's been one affiliate who sent a lot of traffic, but their traffic converted very poorly, and this brought the overall stats for the WSO down. There's a knock-on effect there, as other affiliates see the stats and assuming that the offer's not converting well for everyone.

One thing that's really useful to know is how the affiliate builds their list and how well that lists converts (for instance, my list is almost exclusively a buyer's list, so I get a good conversion when I mail as an affiliate).

I've never hit a single problem with refunds using either Warrior+Plus or Rapid Action Profits (which operates in a similar manner). Those kind of affiliates would be very quickly found out and banned, and very few affiliates would want to risk that. I suspect it does happen, but it's so rare that it would be better to just bite the bullet and pay up.


I can see why Allan wouldn't want something like this cross-posting a ton of WSO listings on other sites. Sure, the Warrior Forum is most likely going to be the source site for all of them, but having a whole bunch of low-quality sites (which many would be, having been set up specifically for this purpose) posting the WSO listings verbatim could potentially cause duplicate content issues. With all the stuff going on with Panda right now, I certainly wouldn't want that happening with content from one of my sites, particularly a flagship site.
It would also defeat the purpose of making WSO's a "special" offer to some degree, since all those sites would have the same offer showing. Yes, it's still technically a special offer for the Warrior Forum but that line would be blurred.
I have mixed feelings about the WSO Pro affiliate program. As a seller, I love it and as an affiliate I like being able to promote good offers. But I think it has created a bit of a "flea market" mentality where a lot of people are just promoting anything and everything to their lists.
I think that hurts people like you, Thom, who only promote things that you genuinely think are worth checking out. There are so many WSO promotions coming through people's inboxes right now that it can annoy people (it certainly annoys me some days). I know I'm hesitant to promote too many WSO offers for this reason.
Plus, it devalues IM product in general. Average WSO pricing has dropped a huge amount over the last couple of years, and the amount of content in them has gone way up. I've bought WSOs that would have sold for $47-97 a couple of years ago for $10 or less. Promoting this stuff too much just creates a race for the bottom, price-wise.

John, yes those are great posts. I think the 'specialness' of WSOs has gone now anyway, mainly due to Warrior+Plus. A lot of marketers now release their Internet Marketing projects straight as a WSO, rather than as standalone products. I presume that's because of the large sales numbers, the list building potential and the every-growing army of affiliates.

The reduced pricing is an interesting one and probably why more WSOs are being sold. I think a lot of that is a sheer factor of the economy, but I'd be interested if anyone has any firm records of historical pricing. There is defininitely a culture of WSO 'overdelivery' right now.


I only got back to the WF about four months ago, after being away for an extended period. Frankly, I'm not completely happy with what I see. The entire WSO mechanism is out of whack.
• 24/7 hype machines are at full throttle. It's almost impossible now to determine value as friends/partners jump in and pump testimonials to try to establish credibility.
• The inmates have taken over the asylum. There are so many cliques and behind-the-scenes alliances, that the playing field is anything but level. Without being a part of one or several of these, the ability to compete with the massive/hyped WSOs is severely diminished. The hype builds affiliates in the funnel and that drives sales into the thousands. What independent seller can do those kinds of numbers without the hype machine?
• Affiliates should be forced to disclose their status on an offer, right up front with their comment. Failure to do so would get them banned.
• WSO prices should be frozen on the initial price for 24-48 hours. By the time I get affiliate e-mails and WSO of the day/week/whatever notices, the pricing has usually at least doubled from the entry cost. Tons of people are in the same boat.
 I know producers love the dime sales as they bring momentum, but the downside is also important to recognize.
There are more issues but this would be book length if I really got started.
The only defense a buyer has is the refund. I've purchased 30-40 WSOs since getting back into it, and I've refunded on six (I think). Honestly, I should have refunded on about half of them but I was lazy. I always want to play this by a simple principle: did I really get some significant value that will help me going forward. If so, I should keep it. If not, it should be sent back.
So many WSOs are just rehashed-mashed-panached and tossed out for whatever they'll get. How many are really breakthrough products?
How many are promoted by the hustlers and charlatans as being "breakthrough"? How much of this is done because they know (through stats) that "breakage" (refunds) is small and the numbers are in their favor — and probably more so when the sale is through an affiliate?
I don't know Allen and couldn't pick him out of a lineup, but I've read a number of positive things about him and his business acumen. I'm hoping that he can come up with an overhaul of the system that makes it a better place to do business.
Okay, rant over.
Thanks, Thom. As always, your blog brings real value.
Best regards,

Jerry, thanks very much for the detailed comments.
I think a big part of marketing is adapting to a changing climate. The whole underlying principles behind the Warrior Forum have changed a lot over the past few months, and as marketers we have to adapt to that.
I don't think people should need to declare that they're an affiliate as part of a comment. That would be unworkable. For instance, I often buy products, look at them, leave a comment, and then decide after that I'm going to promote them. I'll pretty much always leave a comment when I buy a WSO. That even includes leaving appropriate comments for dire WSOs (when they don't deliver what's advertised).
Buyer beware is important too. I've only ever asked for a refund for one WSO, and that was one that was a resale rights product that had masqueraded its way into the WSO section. My rule is, if the WSO delivers what was advertised, I got what I paid for. If it wasn't information I actually wanted, then it's my fault.
Pricing strategies is an interesting one. I always think of it is as 'The Real Price Is X' and that's the price the product will sell at to the majority of people. The first Y buyers get a discount, in return for buying a product with few reviews and taking a gamble. This also starts the whole sales process rolling.
I can't see that aspect of the system changing, but I'm sure that there are some intelligent changes which could be made.


I  can see your points and don't disagree. Everybody has a different perspective on all these issues and I learn something from everybody.
Perhaps, once inside and behind the curtain so to speak, I'll see things differently. I just picked up a conversation between Brad Spencer and Russ Ruffino — discussing WSOs (I think you sent me the link) — and they agreed that you learn "50 things you won't do again" on the first effort, then 30 more on the second product, and eventually you're doing things entirely differently than when you started out. I'm all for it.
What I like about you (besides you're generous in answering questions sent in) is that you're eager to discuss these types of issues in an open manner, which benefits all of us.
Best to you, Thom.

Two things I wanted to amend from my earlier comments.
1. On the refunds, these were situations where the sales copy was a bit vague or over the top, and promised something I didn't think the guy necessarily delivered — or failed to deliver well. Sometimes it a case where the "what" was all you got, when the "how" was called for and I've been unsuccessful to get the producer to respond with the info needed to make it work. Definitely a mixed bag.
I'm not hoping for refunds when I release my WSO, but I'll happily accept them if people do what I do — make an earnest effort to explain where I screwed up, let them down, etc. In all the refunds I've made, I've always given a detailed reason for the cancellation, which is something I ask for in my brick and mortar biz. I figure if I want to know because it swill help me improve, I owe that much to the product owner.
2. I don't want anyone to misconstrue my comments on the cliques and associations. I'm not saying these are all bad. I hope to be a part of the better ones some day. What I rail against are the ones that are focused on over-hyping mediocre product, and these are on the increase.
There are reputable people grouping together to create high quality products and supporting each other's efforts. No problem there.

Hi Jerry, thanks for the well-reasoned points.

I do think it's okay to ask for refunds in moderation. There is sales copy out there that's misleading, or which is just overhyping something. I have an easy solution for that – I generally just don't buy those products. If one slips through, I make very sure not to buy from that WSO seller again.

If you sell WSOs, you'll get refund requests. Even if it's the best WSO in the world, being sold at an absolute bargain price. Some people refund just because they can and think they're getting one over on a product creator. All I can believe in those situations is that some element of karma will work, and that those people are just accumulating information and will never do anything with it.

For my latest WSO, I had a few refund requests, similar proportions to usual (it just sold more copies than normal, mostly to affiliates, which meant more requests came my way). Most people don't give a reason, which is fine, as that''s better than giving a totally false reason. I got one person saying the report was too basic. Then immediately after, the next person said it was too advanced! That kind of information is totally useless when trying to produce quality WSOs.

I got one person who claimed his PayPal account had been hacked, even though the download log clearly showed his IP address had downloaded the report. And another person who said he didn't think the bonuses were closely enough related to the main product.

Best thing is to not get worked up about things like that, and to make sure you surround yourself with the right supportive people, with the right mindset.



Where are my messages going?  Maybe it doesn't like the link? Is that it?
I agree with JERRY and I also think the "Special" in the WSO has been missing for a couple of years now.  The competition between dozens of members selling the same thing twisted and turned into different shades of the same color for the most profit is crazy.  

When did forum members become each other's target market for repeat customers?  They are so busy being customers their own business gets buried in ebooks and video training classes until they can't even remember what a real business looks like anymore.
If  10 of those members promoting variations of the same product  wanted to make some real money, they would put all 10 of their weak products together and turn out one major "best in the World" product, keep it updated and sell it over and over for decades to more and more repeat customers.  Why not produce a quality product that keeps outperforming the last version – it's fun to compete with yourself too.

Anyway, I came here from the WF because I saw the Magic Mobile Marketing Book there and I was wondering if you would take a look at what I put together in response to that 2-hour "webinar special" for building your own custom web apps.

Removed the post from the Classified Section in the WF
There are a lot of links that go all over the place in no particular order but remember, I am NOT a marketer so you're in for a rough ride.   If you have time to go through the whole process you can pay the  $99 to get in, and I will immediately refund that payment back to you.    

I'm looking for partners who can help make this the "best in the World" business platform that will help the 97% finally make some money.    If not, that's okay – I just thought you would be perfect for this type of business, that's all. 

 Just so you know you're not on some list  – you were hand picked because I can always spot the good ones for some unknown reason!   I expect you to be busy but that depends on what YOU want so let me know and Thanks!  

Hi Leah,

Thanks for checking in and taking the time to leave your thoughts.

I'll be honest, I didn't follow all of your comment. I must have missed an earlier message or comment somewhere. I'm not too sure what the webinar special was either, unless someone's been promoting a product of mine that way.

Anyway, I do agree with you on a couple of fronts:

– there are a lot of products on the WSO forum that aren't so good (but there are a lot of good ones too)

– you should always try and release a high quality product

I don't think that every new product should necessarily be better than the previous ones. The Warrior Forum isn't the best place of high priced products, and there are good marketing reasons for varying the size (and price) of the products.

There is one problem with the Warrior Forum that you do touch upon. There are a lot of people who purchase every product, but don't take real action with them. There's no way around that. There is work involved in Internet Marketing (in my experience, push button solutions don't work). Most products will benefit you if you put the time in to develop the techniques and to carry out their recommendations.

Best of luck with your software release.


Hi Guys ,
I would love to buy a copy or review a copy of this plugin…
please please please someone give me a link..:)

Unfortunately Mark it doesn't seem to be available right now, which is a shame. Something was changed in Warrior+Plus which means that this won't work.

I'm sure there is a good market for someone else to make a plugin which addresses the concerns with the previous version.


There’s a big drive to make everything we do automated; of course that is the ultimate aim – a hands off approach. However, I’m with the school that likes a balance of both and I sympathise with the comments above particularly about the amount of requests coming through at any one time. There has to be some sort of balance, a balanced mix of automation and hands on marketing, it’s a shame good products like this cross the line and become unpopular, even though the principle is a good one.

Enjoy the journey.


All things considered, Mandy, I think I prefer part-automated. For the purpose of WSO reviews, I could never use a prepared review unedited, but anything that can speed up the process of getting affiliate links etc is always welcome.

What I should do, of course, is to outsource a lot more. With the right team, that’s almost automated, and has no ethical concerns of this type.


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