Niche WSO Affiliate Site System

I want to outline a system that I think would be a very effective way of promoting Warrior Special Offers. It's a twist on the ideas of niche sites, and also a site that I created, but taking advantage of the fact that WSOs convert far better than many other types of products.

So that the process is manageable, I've broken it down into four simple steps, which I think are replicable. These form the Niche WSO Affiliate Site System.


Step #1 – Decide On A Site Theme

The very first thing you need to do is to decide on a theme for the site. This is going to be an area of Internet Marketing which will be of interest to as many Warriors as possible, and which will also give you sufficient scope to find Warrior Special Offers to promote as an affiliate.Most Popular WSO Keywords

You could go for a theme which is very timely (for instance, Facebook Fan Pages are popular right now). Or, you could go with a theme which is likely to provide you with a continual stream of new WSOs to promote (for instance, article marketing has stood the test of time).

If you're a member of Warrior+Plus, one way to quickly find out what WSOs are popular is by using the Alert System. You'll see the list of Most Popular Keywords, an example of which is shown to the right.

It's also a good idea to choose an area in which you have some personal knowledge and interest, as this will help you to create a better site.

Register an appropriate domain. I'd suggest using the word 'wso' in the domain name, as it's valuable phrase. You could try or


Step #2 – Set Up The Site

There are many different ways to set up a web site, which are all beyond the scope of this post, but what I'd strongly recommend the use of a WordPress blog at the domain you registered.

Just hunt around until you find a theme that you like. Something simple works best.

For instance, here's the site I created related to WSOs on succeeding with Warrior Special Offers (a niche market in itself).

An enterprising theme creator could do very well creating a theme that's reminiscent of the Warrior Forum (and which makes this process easy).

At the minimum, you need to set up an area delivering news and information, and a separate area delivering reviews of appropriate products. You'll do much better with the site if you have some content to draw people in, rather than relying solely on the WSO reviews.

Try and set the theme up to get some good content on the landing page of the site, as this is the first page that many people will visit. If you're not sure how to set up WordPress blogs, it's often more efficient just to pay an outsourcing worker to set this up for you, so that you can concentrating on creating the content.



Step #3 – Add Quality Site Content

You need to add content that will be of interest to visitors before you even think about adding affiliate reviews.

I recommend creating unique content, as this is most likely to bring you search engine traffic, although you could also a number of PLR articles on your topic.

One good method to create content is simply to look on the Warrior Forum itself and find out what kind of questions are being asked by people interested in the niche that you've zeroed in on. These can form the basis for short articles.

A general introduction to the area that you've chosen is also always good.

Continue to update the content even when the site is well established. There are always news items which you can work enough to form short posts. The odd piece of very high quality exclusive content is also a good way to maintain regular readers, who will then also check out the product reviews.


Step #4 – Add The Affiliate Reviews Of The WSOs

This is where you make the money – by providing an honest appraisal of the different Warrior Special Offers in the field.

You need to be a Warrior+Plus affiliate, and to search through the list of WSOs which pay instant commission. You'll want to start off with at least two or three reviews.

I strongly recommend that you buy the WSOs. You can then provide a high standard review of them, pointing out both strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that your blog post is based around the title of the WSO, and that you can include the title in the post, along with a couple of affiliate links.

I like to include an image too (often a screengrab of the WSO), as this can draw in traffic from Google Images.

If you really can't afford every WSO, you can put together posts summarising the views of other people as indicated in the WSO thread. I would recommend that you're up front about this. Use a sentence like "people who purchased this WSO said…" You can always update the reviews at a later date.

A 'Recommended Offers' or 'Recommended WSOs' section is a good idea where you point out the 'must buy' WSOs in the niche your site is based around. WSOs will always vary in standard, and you'll identify some that are much better value than others.

Continue to update the site as more WSOs come in. You can sign up for keyword-based notifications from Warrior+Plus, which is useful to let you know when new WSOs in your niche are released.


Expanding Your Results

That's the Niche WSO Affiliate Site System in a nutshell, but there are various ways to expand this and improve your focus towards your overall goals of providing good information and receiving affiliate commissions.

A very important factor is to keep this site up to date. There are WSOs being released all the time in different areas, and there is a strong advantage to being one of the first affiliates to the high quality WSOs. Make sure that you continue to repeat Steps 3 and 4 as you look to add more content.

As you look to scale, you might look for ways to automatically add appropriate WSOs. You could hire an outsourcing worker to do this. Or, you could look to develop a simple piece of software. There was briefly a piece of software available on the Warrior Forum which would aid with this, but it's not a difficult task to program, and you could hire a low cost worker to help you with this.

You should definitely set up a method of email lead capture for the site. You're getting a lot of valuable prospects who are interested in a particular areas of WSOs, and this offers you a mechanism through which you can contact them when you have a new review or feature added to the site, or spot a product which you think will be of interest to them.

You can also look to the WSO Forum to bring you traffic directly to the site. Create a simple free (or low cost) WSO on the topic in which the site is about. Deliver this on the site itself, which will make buyers aware of it, and make sure you advertise it in the product too. You may also want to advertise the site in your Warrior Forum signature.

The other tactic you can use is to create more sites. There are many very good domains to do this still available for all areas of WSOs, and the 'first person advantage' is always worth striving towards.

Definitely involved with the Niche WSO Affiliate Site System right now, as it has the potential to be very powerful for you.


Over To You

I always welcome comments and opinions on my blog posts. They really add to the overall quality of the blog.

Have you ever set up a niche site promoting WSOs, or can you see a way in which you could work these into one of your existing sites.

Can you think of any ways to improve this system.

Just use the reply box to share your thoughts on the Niche WSO Affiliate Site System.

14 replies on “Niche WSO Affiliate Site System”

An excellent idea — I was hoping that you'd post some type of followup after last week's WSO was closed.
This seems like a very simple, low-maintenance system for creating another recurring stream of income. I'm really glad you shared this.

Thanks Michael,

I know I've only scraped the surface with this one, but it's doing manually a lot of what the plugin you mentioned was doing.

If you do have access to the plugin (or are willing pay a small amount to a programmer to whip something up), you can automate a lot of this too. A very useful technique if you want to set up multiple niche sites.


Nice post Thom. I've also been brainstorming since last week's WSO was closed. Any idea how the wso plugin was able to direct link to the paypal page. I like the idea of making my on sales pitch and not have the prospect confused by another sales page at the actual wso page. Any thoughts?

Tony, I'm not certain, but I think that clicking on a particular page title (which displays the whole page including the tagged buy buttons) was the equivalent of clicking on an affiliate link. I suspect there's a cookie stored on the prospect's computer somewhere which handles this.

If that's too complicated, it's quite a simple programming job to outsource. You could even contact the creator of the original plugin and I'm sure he'd sort this for you for a reasonable price.


A very Nice post indeed
Weldone. It has given me some idea as I initially don't like the idea of paying WSO $4.00 to be an affiliate promoting wso products.
However, after reading your blog post I can see some potential but it reqired taken BIG action
Once, again, many thanks for the wonderful post.
Keep up good work!
Sam O


I think a lot of people thought the same way as you about paying to be an affiliate for products. It goes against the norm for Internet Marketing.

There are two things I really like about this:

(1) It weeds out a lot of competition. Even though the price is 'almost' free, just that barrier prevents people from signing up to compete with you.

(2) It opens up a wide range of statistics and information. You can see which WSOs sell and how to use them. Those statistics are worth far more than $4 a month if you know what to do with them,

One hint is to check the stats before producing a niche site. Some niches traditionally make much more money from affiliate sales than others, and these are excellent ones to go for.


Hi Thom, thanks for your tips! WSO's are more easy to sell than normal affiliate products, I saw.
I have a PR4 internet marketing blog, and after conversion to WSO review system, I'm cashing in a lot more than previously.

So your huge article testimony the goods about making a WSO review blog!

Thanks again and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

Thanks Alessandro,
Great to see this is working for you. I've made a few sales off – not a lot yet, but enough to cover the domain fees and show that it's a worthwhile project. Once I rack up some more content, I'm sure it will do much better.
I've also seen a few other WSO review blogs around recently, so I know they're working for other people. I think splitting them into niches is what will take this strategy to the next level.

Thanks for sharing this very unique idea. I can see there could be a lot of potential with this method.
I just recently added a WSO section to my plr directory and I am getting traffic from it. I've already made a few Warrior Plus affiliate sales as well. I'm not using the exact method you recommended but I hope to integrate some of your suggestions to see if I can improve my results.


Thanks for sharing your success. I do think that this affiliate strategy will work very well with existing sites, as you've demonstrated. Putting some WSO affiliate offers in adverts that show in the sidebars should pay you more than the AdSense or ClickBank equivalent if you can target these right.

Reviews are a very powerful motivator for people to buy as well, particularly if they are honest (pointing out both positives and negatives). There's lots of potentail to adapt these ideas based on the success of the Warrior Forum affiliate programmes.


Eric, I always think that it’s important to break down complicated processes into simple steps. It just makes them achievable by everyone.

In this case, you can take this process and make many types of promotional sites out of them. So, it’s not just for WSOs (although this system has worked out very well for me).


I totally agree that unique content is the only way to go in all we do online. I like your tip about buying the products and reviewing them for more personal view. I far prefer to read personal experiences of products and often email sellers to ask if they have actually seen the product they are promoting, as I know many use the pre-written affiliate tools. Excellent post, as always, Thom.

Enjoy the journey.


Thanks Mandy, glad you’re enjoying looking around and reading the blog.

Unique content is always beneficial from a search engine point of view, but most importantly from a reader point of view (they’re looking for interesting information, and the search engines are slowly getting better at looking for that too).

I don’t think I’ve ever used prewritten affiliate tools for anything more than gathering ideas. I always like to stick with my own style.


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