Cash In On The Big Launches With PLR

Here's a little known trick (in fact there are three of them) to help you to cash in on the big money launches.

You need to make full use of Private Label Rights products.

Before I start, let me clear up what I mean by a 'launch'.

In the online marketing world, this is one of those big events where a known marketer is releasing a new product and wants it to be the next big thing. To do that, the marketer needs custom – ideally in the form of lots of affiliates who will promote the big launch in return for a share of the profits.

Because the known marketer has to pay out commissions, these launches are generally in the range of $50 and up (and yes, this could include launches up to $2000 or more).

Now, these launches can offer good value to customers, and providing they do, you can feel quite happy to promote them. You might even wish to buy the aforementioned product yourself.

There are some simple methods that you can use to capitalise on the launch itself and make it more lucrative for you, all by using PLR products.


First of all, you need to find a PLR product which ties in closely with the subject of the big launch. Ideally, this should be a product which is both up-to-date and limited in distribution (you want to face as little competition as possible).

Then, you need to modify the product so that it's not obvious it's PLR. If you've chosen the right product, it shouldn't matter, but, at the least, you need to change the name of the product. Try to tie this in closely with the affiliate launch you're promoting.

Once you have your rebadged product, you're ready to cash in.


Here's three 'Cash' methods you can use to profit from the new PLR.


Cash Method #1 – PLR Bonus

In this case, you promote the launch as normal, but you throw in the PLR product you just purchased the rights to as a bonus.

For best results, it really helps if this adds something to the items included with the launch. For instance, if the launch is video based, and you have a written information product, you can promote this as a 'Quick Start' guide for people to use in conjunction with the videos.

Customers have to buy through your affiliate link to get your exclusive bonus.


Cash Method #2 – Launch Piggybacking

If you feel that the launch is overpriced, or that you wish to offer an alternative, you can sidestep promoting the big launch completely.

Instead, promote your rebadged PLR product as an alternative to the big launch, which you will offer for a much more reasonable price.

I believe it's a good idea to be up front about this. Your smaller PLR guide will likely never be as complete as the guru course, but you can position this more as an introduction, or a getting started guide.

This method of 'Launch Piggybacking' can be very successful, and can be something you can put together quickly – often in less time than it would take you set up a bonus offer.


Cash Method #3 – Use The Rebadged Product Yourself

This method is more about saving money rather than making money, especially if you're the kind of person who feels that they have to buy into every big guru launch.

Often, the difference between a $17 product and a $47 product isn't the quality of information. It's how well packaged and refined the finished product is, and how many affiliates are promoting it.

If you drill right down to the bare bones, you'll commonly find the same information in both of these.

In your case, take the piece of quality PLR and use that as a basis for your own learning. At the point when you feel you've surpassed that, you can move onto the big launches, but until then you can steer clear.

You've immediately gained money, purely from the savings that you've made.


Rebadging PLR In Action

Let me conclude by offering an example of how this works in practice.

A recent affiliate release (at the time of writing) was a new guide to Google Places, Google Places Unleashed.

Instead, I found a quality product that my own writers had put together, and I'd recently released as PLR through my 10 Buck PLR service. This product was Google Places Goliath, limited to 100 PLR copies, hence meeting the 'fresh' and 'limited' requirements.

This could immediately be taken as a companion to the higher priced video product and offered as a written bonus. It could also be used as a research source to create a set of competitor videos, or even to use to hold a webinar for the 'launch piggybacking' option.

Or, just taken for quality information to save money on the higher priced launch.

By just watching for the big launches coming up, you can soon find appropriate PLR, which, with just a little work, can be used as an excellent bonus or alternative.


Finally, don't ever fall under the impression that all content released with Private Label Rights is 'rubbish' or lacks depth.

Certainly, that criticism could be levelled at some PLR suppliers, but if you are careful, you can find quality and original products, which happen to come with PLR rights, offering you the flexibility to use them.

The example I gave cost $10, but it can also be worth spending more to access high quality PLR. I've had success with PLR products costing $50 and up, purely because the exclusivity and higher quality makes these worthwhile to me.


Your Thoughts

Do please share your thoughts on using PLR to enhance your business, particularly in relation to the 'big' launches.

Just leave your comments in the box below to take part.

8 replies on “Cash In On The Big Launches With PLR”

Hey Thom,
Wow what great tips did you share whit us here. I think you can make such good use of PLR content in so many different way's.
You could use it to create your own product. This is especially true if you rewrite it just like one of the tips you gave in your article. Of course you should give it your own personal touch.
Of course you could also use it to make your own video series, or make articles of them and distribute this over the different directories.  Well this where just some tips of me.
To your success,

I have so much PLR on my computer, and this article has really got my brain stirred up.
I am fairly new with online marketing so I will have to get some training under my belt in order to take advantage of all the PLR material I currently possess.
The cool thing about learning new skills is that I can actually turn my training experience into replicable products. Thanks for your great information.

Taco and Tommy, yes PLR is powerful – and I'm sure you have lots of it already on your hard drive. I know I do.

Now, to be fair, some of it is junk and I wouldn't reuse it, but a lot of it is surprisingly good. People just underuse it because it's PLR and doesn't sound like it has a huge value. Perhaps in it's unmodified form, the value is limited, but with small changes you have something new and original.

And Taco, videos are great, as they automatically have higher value to customers than the written word (provided they're videos made with some degree of quality, of course, but that's a subject for a whole different article).


Actully this was my first time to hear about the PLR and how it works. It seems promising! I'm new to online marketing and this would be a big help to boost my income. Additional knowledge for me as well. Thanks!

I'm wth Edi on this as well. This is the first time I have ever heard of PLR. Now that I do I am really excited about the possibilities Good stuff here I can't wait to learn more.

This is PLR sounds pretty great, I had never heard of it before but now I am very interested in seeing what I can do with it once I learn some more about it. Thank You.

PLR is internet marketing nirvana, Thom! You've highlighted 3 terrific ways to monetize PLR with launches here and leave us with no excuse! Ideal, thanks, great info as ever 🙂

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