Capitalise On Holiday Deals

With the Christmas season fast approaching, I want to make sure that you're taking advantage of a great way to add an immediate boost to your income.

Holidays Deals!

Even if you don't personally celebrate Christmas, as a marketer, it's a great opportunity for promotion.

Schedule A SaleHoliday Sale

Schedule a sale to run on Christmas Day, or Boxing Day (in the UK and some other countries, that's an additional holiday the day after Christmas).

You might be surprised, but a lot of people are desperate to spend their money at that time.

They're bored!

Christmas is a happy time for many, but other people get stalled with being in the home, being around family, and not able to go out to the shops.

Instead, they look to the Internet for entertainment and to get themselves a 'present'.

You Don't Need A Reason To Run A Sale…

… but if you have one, it really helps.

And, there's no better advertising line to use than, "you want to give a gift to your subscribers/forum friends – that's why you're cutting them such a great deal".

People like to reward themselves at Christmas.

You're probably already contacting your subscribers to wish them Greetings Of The Season, so why not pop in an offer in the same e-mail. You'll get sales. You might even personal Christmas Wishes back – what better way to interact with your list?

Other Holiday Deal Opportunities

The whole upcoming period is an excellent time for sales, as there are so many celebrations you can work in.

Most importantly, don't forget New Year. You can also capitalise on the 'resolution' market – people who have already decided that they want to succeed in 2011.

Remember the appropriate holidays all the way through. You can make your own holidays (birthday, anniversary, graduation …), or look for other cultural days.

All of these are reasons to add run a sale.


What Sales Are You Running?

Are you running sales for the holiday season?

If so, tell us about them below.

If not, what would convince you to offer a Holiday Deal?

9 replies on “Capitalise On Holiday Deals”

I am with Edil on this one I am going to make sure to do all of these things next holiday season. The gift subscription is a briliant idea and I am already brainstorming what I might do when December rolls around. Thank You. 🙂

Come next Christmas I am going to put this advice in full effect and take adavantage of this awesome info. Your website never fails to give the very best Internet Marketing advice. Until that holiday season I will be reading your website and learning all I can. Thank You.

Yes, a litle late now for 2010, but these strategies work for other holidays as well around the world.

Of course, a special occasion can also be personal to you. I've seen no end of 'Birthday Sale', 'Anniversary Sale', 'Kid's Birthday Sale', 'Divorce Sale' type promotions – all of which have a special meaning to them (well, actually there's one of those I've never seen – but I'm sure it's happened).


Great Point Thom! I hadn't thought of other holidays but now I will make sure to do this. Valentines is coming up and it looks like I need to get to work if I want to get some sweet sales up by the 14th of February.

I did this in November and December and it was unbelievable the amount of calls I received.  It was a real boost to my business and I STILL have clients signing up! I am looking ahead to Valentines day to see what Sweet deal I can offer.

Running sales and promotions right after Christmas is the way to go! People have brand new computers and they've anxious to spend christmas money.

Kim, that's a good angle I didn't think about. All those new computers out there.
There's also all the people with new mobile phones, so for anyone into mobile marketing, definitely explore the post Christmas opportunities.

I won't lie being stuck at my house for the holidays drives me crazy and I don't need much of a reason to get out for a bit, and who doesn't like buying cute and cheap stuff.

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