9 Ways To Grab Affiliates To Promote Your WSOs

The whole landscape under which Warrior Special Offers are run has changed substantially over the past few months. More WSOs than ever before are selling substantial numbers of copies – in the hundreds and in the thousands. There’s one simple reason for that. The launch of a system which you can use to get affiliates for your WSO using Warrior+Plus.

Warrior+Plus For WSOs

That doesn’t mean that all other WSO models are out-dated. There are still ways to be successful with free WSOs, many of which I’ve talked about before. But, if you do want to reach the top level of WSO sales, you need to do everything you can to attract affiliates. In this blog post, I’ve laid out nine ways you can encourage affiliates to promote your WSOs.


Way #1 – Offer A Generous Commission For Sales

Almost every WSO now offers 50% commission to affiliates. That isn’t always that attractive, as most affiliates can work out the sums and the numbers. You need to offer more than 50% to get the top level of affiliates on board. Anywhere between 75% and 100% works well. The commission should be the same for every affiliate; nothing creates bad will faster than when it’s known that you’ve given some affiliates a more special consideration.


Way #2 – Make Your WSO Into A Bundle

A WSO with multiple components look much attractive to buyers than a WSO which is a single report or video. Affiliates know that, and most will look to promote WSOs which overdeliver. It’s easy enough to split a longer report into several short reports, each comprising of a different module, or introduce some bonus products to expand your WSO.


Way #3 – Create Persuasive Copy

You want your copy to convert visitors to buyers. This means more sales for you personally, and also more sales for your visitors. Most affiliates are very in tune with the number shown inside Warrior+Plus, and they look for WSOs with a high conversion rate. If your WSO initially fails to wow the audience, you’ll miss out on many of the affiliates who scan Warrior+Plus looking for a head start on the next WSO Of The Day.


Way #4 – Avoid Essential One Time Offers

There can be many benefits to offering upsells, as these can increase your bottom line, but they can also turn affiliates right off from promoting, particularly if they do not get a piece of the one time offer. Modern affiliates expect more that that for supplying a lead to you. In particular, if you ever release a product which is just a thinly disguised promotional tool for another product, make sure you steer well clear of the affiliate route, unless you want to put these people off from ever promoting for you again.


Way #5 – Encourage Affiliates At Every Turn

You need to be widely advertising the affiliate programme, particularly to buyers. These are the people who have already invested their own hard earned cash into your WSO, and they can make or break taking it to the next level. Make sure that you advertise the affiliate programme on your download page. If you set up a site to advertise the WSO, you can also advertise the affiliate programme there. Treat getting affiliates as being the second most important part of the whole WSO process (behind only creating the product itself).


Way #6 – Release WSOs On A Regular Basis

This is probably one of those things that is easier said than done. It’s something we’d all do in an ideal world. But, to get the top level of affiliates on board, you need to be releasing something regularly that they can promote. This keeps your name fresh in their mind. This doesn’t mean releasing rubbish, or products that are unfinished, but there can be an advantage to releasing smaller products on a more consistent basis, rather than going for one massive launch.


Way #7 – Keep Affiliates Informed About Your Launches

This is a tactic that very few WSO sellers implement, even though it would provide them with many more promotional opportunities. You need to satisfy the core of affiliates who want to promote every WSO you release. Many affiliates struggle to promote, not because they don’t want to, but because they have pre-arranged mailings already planned. Establish a notification list, which you can use to let people know when you plan to release a product.


Way #8 – Provide Support And Training For Your Affiliates

Affiliates generally fall into two camps: the experienced affiliates who know exactly what they’re doing, and those people who have been recruited solely because they liked your product. You can help both of those. Provide training for the new affiliates (my own Warrior+Plus Affiliate Goldmine comes with PLR and may be useful). For the experienced affiliate, you want to make your product easy to promote. Copy and paste emails, and other affiliate tools, will help here.


Way #9 – Promote The WSO To Your Own List When You Launch

The reasoning behind this is simple. You want to get initial buyers, and who better than those people who have already demonstrated that they like your products? If you get an initial run of sales, the statistics shown in Warrior+Plus will look good to affiliates and there will be a trickle effect. Of course, what this means is that you really need to establish a list before you start running WSOs. That’s why starting with a free (or very low cost) WSO can be an excellent strategy if you’re new to Warrior Special Offers.


Over To You

I hope this blog post has spurred you on to produce WSOs which are attractive to affiliates, and I’d love to hear what you think.

Have you tested out these techniques? Let us know which ones work for you.

Or, have I missed a technique which you’d like to share.

Just use the comments box below to join in the conversation.

13 replies on “9 Ways To Grab Affiliates To Promote Your WSOs”

Thom always delivers in his posts. This is no exception. The WSO crowd is tough but it's a lucrative market and you need a lot of help to make money there. This post gives a good outline at what it takes to get and keep affiliates.
If the very top affiliates want 75-100% of the WSO and a similar or at least major chunk of any OTOs you add, that means you need a plan to do well on the backend with future products and affiliate offers of your own.
Otherwise, without significant direct sales to your own list, most of your sales will come from affiliates and you wind up making little for the effort. I know there's a value to building a list of buyers, but I think a balance is necessary.
The IM niche can be profitable but the rules of engagement with affiliates exist nowhere outside of it. Where else would you find a partner who demands all of the money in a transaction, plus often a chunk of any future sales?
I think the only way you can play this game of "giving away the store" is if you build a list quickly, and can consistently produce high converting products which your own list responds to.
Otherwise, what am I missing?

Thanks Jerry, you say the kindest things!

You're quite right, the WSO rules have changed at the entry level once again, and you really can't look at the first WSO as a direct money maker (you need to be looking at a more structured business model several WSOs down the line).

I've always been partial to the IM niche, which works well with WSOs, as I find it easy to pick up and apply information (the basis of the best WSOs), but if I was starting again, I might well consider some other niches, which are less competitive, and where affiliates are less understanding of what they can ask for.

Even to this day, I still use my WSOs primarily as sources for adding buyers to my list. The money I make from Internet Marketing comes mainly through other ways I can leverage that. I've always treated this a slow build, around my other committments, and I think that's the best way if you're not in a position where you need cash fast.


Thanks again Thom for a highly valuable post.
You can not stress enough the tactics you are highlighting. Affiliates are getting more and more critical about who and what to promote. You just need to adapt to "the market" here as anywhere else.



You're very right about how the WarriorPlus Affiliate systrem has change the whole WSO scene very dramatically.
My first WSO was done before Mike Lantz introduced the affiliate system as was only moderately successful.
My next two WSOs were much more successful, and this was mainly due to affiliate driven traffic.
I'm not sure that I agree entirely with your comments about levels of affiliate comissions.
I think most people promoting WSO are more concerned with quality rather than the actual commission rate – I know I certainly am.
However, it is true that there are starting to be more affiliate offers which offer above 50% commission rates, and there are even starting to be some 100% commission rate WSOs, but that seems to indicate to me that some marketers are more desparate than others to build their lists from the Warrior Forum. Either that are they have a strong backend in place to profit from once they ahve built their list.
WSOs are a great place to build your list because you are filling it with buyers instead of tire-kickers.
You've got some great advice here in this article for anyone trying to run a WSO, and if they impliment some of the tips you've outlined here they are almost certain to have a successful and profitable WSO.
Have a great day,

Hi Irene, my personal experience of the affiliate percentages is that I get more affiliates (who sign up and promote) when the commission is higher. Of course, that stands to reason. There are a lot of 'WSO Of The Day' type marketers which always mail about whatever product pays best, regardless of the quality. It's not how you or I work, but if you want to be competitive on the Warrior Forum, it's an affiliate network you have to be aware of.

A lot also comes down to the pricing of the products. Many affiliates would struggle, for instance, to warrant mailing for 50% of a $5 product regardless of how much they like it, and so you'd have to set the percentage higher to compensate. There are no hard or fast rules though.


Edwin, thanks for contributing, I did know about that option, but it's useful for you to share it for people who are not aware.

My own opinion is that still needs some work as an OTO system. The tracking isn't all that accurate, and it's difficult to link this to any kind of secure delivery system. But, using this is a good way to increase the value per visitor and so will increase the interest for affiliates to promote your offer.


Hi Thom
Yes, I'd agree with the comment about the low price point offers.
At a $5 price point, even if I was recieving 100% commission, I very much doubt I would mail for that product … unless it provided exceptional value for my subscribers.
I know you have tried some WSO at a very low price point, and I'd be interested to know if many affiliates picked up those WSOs and did promotions.

Not so many affiliates Irene for the very low cost WSOs, although I did get a few, particularly when they had an escalating price. In those cases however I think the advantage of list building from a product that is quick to put together outweighs the lower number of affiliates.


Great post. Way #3 is not always easy, but definitely worth it. I’ve seen some major increases in responses when I pay a professional to do the copy for me, rather than attempt it myself.

Kyle, I think that writing good copy is an art form, and this is definitely one area that I’d recommend you outsource if you’re not equipped to do this yourself. Personally, I could see the value in writing copy so I took a copywriting course and made sure that I had the skills. But, that time and money investment isn’t for anyone, so going straight to a good team can work wonders.


A good list, Thom. I can’t think of anything to add to this comprehensive post, but I really do love your idea of training for affiliates. You are absolutely right when you say there are many people who would like to become affiliate sellers who have no idea what they’re doing. Very good tip.

Enjoy the journey.


Thanks for checking in, Mandy. You’re quite right. A lot of people say that affiliate marketing is easy, but it’s really not. There’s a big learning curve to every type of online marketing and affiliate marketing is really no different.

Any marketer who can add training for their affiliates is going to attract more people to promote for them.


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