The Piggyback WSO Method

The Piggback WSO Method is a technique I've seen other marketers using to have Warrior Special Offer success recently. It stems around creating products which are very quick to put together and have an integrated mechanism for making money off them.

It's not a technique I've personally had chance to try yet, but it's one I have high hopes for, and will definitely be using in the future.


How To Piggyback

For the Piggyback WSO Method to work, you need to find a WSO which offers affiliate payments.

The best way to do this is to use the Warrior+Plus Affiliate System, which provides details of WSOs which are available to promote, and gives details of the commissions available for each one.

You're looking for a WSO which is fresh (so not too many people will have purchased it yet), which is converting well, and which offers a good affiliate payout.

Most importantly, it has to be a product which interests you, and which you have personally assessed the quality of to see that it offers value for money. There is no way that you ever want to be involved with recommending a product that is not top quality and which does not deliver.

If you're not familiar with the Warrior+Plus system and promoting products as an affiliate, you may want to check out the Warrior+Plus Affiliate Goldmine video training series, which walks you through the steps involved.


Creating A Product

This is the interesting part. You need to create a product which will complement the WSO that you've identified to recommend, but won't give away too many of that WSOs secrets, or overlap with it too much.

You're going to be offering this as a totally free WSO, in exchange for an email address.

That method lets you build a list for long-term profit, which is based around a topic which you already know is of interest to Warriors (as the product you're cross-selling has already been proven to be a hot Warrior Forum seller).

Create the product using whatever fast creation method works for you. I recommend you produce a short report (under 10 pages), but you can also create a short video (around 10 minutes works well). It's a good idea to create something in a different modality to the WSO offer, so if you're upselling a video course, make your product a report.

A title like "5 ways to succeed with X" or "7 quick tips about Y" works well with the Piggyback WSO Method.

If you're making a report, top and tail it with an advert for the affiliate product, as that's how you cross-sell it to the reader. You want to work the reasons that the reader should check out this product firmly into the text, whilst still providing plenty of good information on top of this.

If you're making a video product, mention the upsell product at the start and end, and try and get hold of a short redirect url. You can also provide a read me file with licence information that also mentions the product you're recommending.


Running The Free WSO

This is a simple process.

Set up a new list in your autoresponder to allow people to opt in to it after receiving your free gift. And set up a free WSO advertising the report you've created.

The sales copy for the free WSO only needs to be short. Free WSOs don't take a lot of selling, and you've already leveraged a product that you know is how by creating this report.

The important thing is to have a catchy thread title to make sure that Warriors open your thread. Make sure you include the words "Free WSO" and the niche term which has already worked for the upsell WSO you're promoting.

When the Warrior opts in to your list, direct them to a page advertising the affiliate product and explaining why this is a good deal (in conjunction with the report you've created). Some people will immediately take advantage of that opportunity. Others will see the links you've placed in the download PDF, and will take advantage later.

Make sure you're around the Warrior Forum when you launch to answer questions and to thank people who leave you a review.

That's all there is to it!


Advanced Tactics

By following this process, you should be able to generate a list, and recover (and exceed!) the costs of running the WSO in affiliate commissions.

When you get practiced with this tactic, you should be able to develop your sales technique further. For instance, I saw a WSO like this which actually recommended two WSOs on the same topic, but both with different takes on that topic. I'm sure the author got many sales from this simple 10 page report, that probably took them a lazy afternoon to put together.

One other success mechanism. You can also try and strategically bump your WSO to be near to those ones you're recommending. You'll catch a lot of page skimmers that way, and particularly those people who are considering buying the paid product, but look to the nearby free product first.


Over To You

As always, I'm interested to hear if this technique has worked for you, if you're going to try it, or if you can think of any ways to improve it.

Just go ahead and leave your comment for us all to read below.

11 replies on “The Piggyback WSO Method”

Hi Thom ~
Thanks for putting this great idea into an easily digestible article. I'm going to the Forum now to check out affiliate products 🙂
Have a great weekend

Clever Thom. Thanks for the share, Almost like WSO arbitrage or hedging, interesting. as to your point on
"bump your WSO to be near to those ones you're recommending"
does the bump jump you to a certain position that you request ? or just the top of page. How do you time that or do that?

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Irene, you're definitely right int hat anyone can do this. One of the great things about a free WSO is people will still download it, even if you've no credibility built up.

Robin, hope you found some good products. If it's something where the sales copy has worked for you, and you can tell from the replies lots of other people have purchased it, then it's likely a good product.

Granite, no magic solution for WSO tracking, apart from watching the forum. However, the really hot WSOs tend to be bumped as soon as they reach page 3. During the week, WSOs stay on page 1 for about 12 hours, and then page for about 12 hours (it's usually slightly longer at the weekend). It's not an exact science, but that's good for planning roughly when to be around.

Anywhere within a few positions of the hot WSO works well.


Great article Thom. I've seen a lot of guys getting a lot of traction from these Free Wso's. Not to sure what conversion rates are like for clicks to sales for affiliate offers in ebooks though?
I'm guessing around 3-4%. Might be wrong though.

@Granite, when you bump a WSO thread it goes straight to the top of the WF special offers thread. As soon as you make the payment to bump, it's done almost instantly.

This is a lovely idea Tom.  Got a little lost in the explanation, but I gather you would use your free WSO to sell the paid one for a commission.  I see good things happening with this idea. 

I appreciate you.


I'm loving all these tips you're sharing about launching WSOs! I can definitely see how this would be easier, since you're giving it away for free. Keep sharing these great observations 😉

It's a great way and it does work indeed.
About tracking WSO's … if you use WSO Pro you will get an email at the moment your WSO drops of page 2 and is eligable for bumping. 

Hi Thom,
This is a great idea that I will try out very soon.
So far I have only vent half the way. I have produced a free WSO, but not the direct connection to other WSO's.
This will be my next step. I'll keep you informed about my progress.


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