The Three Biggest Mistakes In List Building

Back in my very first post I asked if people liked to see videos. The results were positive, so here's my first ever video blog post.It's based on another first, my first guest blog post, There I talked about what I see as The Three Biggest Mistakes In List Building. Here, I cover the same mistakes, but in a bit more detail.

Take a look, and let me know in the comments if I've missed anything out.

Do you want to see more video blog posts? If so, go ahead and Post A Comment. Let me know what topics you want me to cover.

6 replies on “The Three Biggest Mistakes In List Building”

I totally agree that losing contact with your list is a big mistake. It's the whole reason you build a list, yet many marketers concentrate far too much on the process of obtaining subscribers and forget about what to do when they actually have the list.
Regular and useful contact keeps your list active.
The money is not in the list, it's in the active list.

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