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Here’s a question that I want to throw out for comments to everyone reading.

What do you feel about video posts?

I’m in two minds.

I enjoy doing videos, so running off some thoughts to camera isn’t a big problem for me.

But, I’m never sure how much people enjoy watching.

After all, there aren’t that many video bloggers around? But that might just be because people think that video blogging is a lot of effort.

It doesn’t need to be, with a flip, or even just with some screen capture. You can get some nice videos that way.

Anyway, I’ll push that out there as a question. Do let me know what you think and I’ll see whether we go in the video direction or not.

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Hey Thomas

Videos are great for connecting with people, that’s how they get to know. like and trust you which builds a better relationship with people.

Think of all the most successful marketers… They all use video, a mixture is good to because people learn in different ways.

All the Best,

Jeff Bode

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