Do We Fear The WORK Word?

The biggest marketing myth I hear continually being perpetrated online is that Internet Marketing is a no work activity.

Really, nothing could be further from the truth. You can believe everyone who is selling their version of a “Get Rich Quick” scheme if you want, but generally the only person who gets rich from information like that is the person supplying them. Read the rest of this entry

Theory, Without Examples = Rubbish Product

One of the trends I've been observing recently in the product creation world, whether this is for Warrior Special Offers, standalone products, or high ticket items, has been about the construction of the information in the product.

Personally, if I am going to create a product, or promote a product created by someone else, I need to know that that product is going to contain actionable information. One of the quickest ways to turn me off promoting is to release a product which contains only theory. There is a way around this. Read the rest of this entry

Look around at the much of the advertising for Internet Marketing, and you’ll see the trappings of great luxury.

Expensive cars, sun filled vacations, cocktails on tap, you name it, I’ve seen it advertised.

Alongside that, there’s no shortage of adverts claiming that Internet Marketing is a work-free lifestyle. Lie back, relax, and watch the money roll in. Read the rest of this entry

One of those terms that I've started hearing again and again recently is that of the "average marketer".

It is one of those slight misnomers.

No-one really wants to be considered an average marketer if they have the choice, but for most marketers, being average is actually being very successful. Read the rest of this entry

One of my biggest regrets with Internet Marketing is that there were many things I wish I'd picked up on a lot sooner.

This video blog post overviews some of the things I've discovered in my years as an Internet Marketer and wish I feel would be useful to my blog viewers. Read the rest of this entry

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