Solving The Problem Of Irregular Blogging

You’ll know that if you have a blog, it’s very important to keep your blog up to date with new content. After all, people are going to be visiting your blog, expecting to see the content, and if you don’t provide it, they may stop visiting. You also need to keep the content going if you want to make money with your blog. After all, you need the visitors to click on your affiliate offers or spend money by purchasing products through you. You also need them to click on the advertising. So, it’s important to make sure your blog is updated regularly. But what happens if you personally can’t post to it on a day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month basis? In that case, you need to consider one of the alternatives I’m going to show you in this article.

The first one is simply to write your content in advance and to place it in the backend of your blog, ready to be released to the public on a regular basis. This is known as drip content. There’s no reason why you can’t sit down and write five blog posts in an evening and then put these to be released once a week for a month. This is much more time efficient than writing a blog post every week. After all, you’ve got to log into the site, go through the whole process of writing a blog post, log out, and the time of doing all this is huge. So, do try and prepare content in advance wherever possible, even if you can’t get to your blog updates, you can be sure that new content will be arriving on a regular basis.

The second thing you can do is simply not to write the content yourself. Instead, you can hire a ghost writer. You can give these ghost writers a good outline of the type of content you want, or you can let them go away and research things relevant to your blog on a regular basis. You can even tell the ghost writer to update the blog themselves. You can give them a writer account to the blog so that they can log into it. You can pay the writer on a week-by-week basis or post-by-post basis, you just need to agree to these things with the ghost writer, but there’s no reason you can’t find some very good writers and keep your blog updated even when you can’t yourself.

The third thing you can do if you can’t post to your blog regularly is simply to abandon the blog. But you shouldn’t just abandon it and stop writing to it. Instead, you should sell it. Established blogs can sell for substantial amounts of money. If they’re being updated with content, they’ve got a regular number of visitors and they’re making money through advertising, you can go ahead and use a web marketing service to sell your blog. Generally, you’d come up with a price that you’re willing to accept for the blog, or you set a price based around a few months’ revenue. The exact number of months will vary depending on the type of blog and how much competition there is in the marketplace. You may even put your blog at auction to get as much money as you can for it. This will alleviate you from the need to continue to update your blog on a regular basis and will give you a good exit strategy for the blog because you’re taking money from it equivalent to several months of earnings.

There’s absolutely no reason to let a blog get to a stage of being abandoned, even if you can’t post to it regularly. You should consider providing a substantial amount of content in advance ready to drip down to the blog. Hiring a ghost writer is particularly appropriate if you’re advertising fees and income from the site is going to be much higher than the ghost writing costs. And finally, consider selling the blog. You’ll make an upfront amount of money and this is surely beneficial to letting a blog slowly fade away. All of these are good solutions to avoid abandoning a blog completely.

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