Creating A Quick Ethical Bribe For Your Optin Page

Tweet It can be a long and onerous process trying to create an ethical bribe for your optin page. If you’re putting together a new report, this can take quite some time to research to write. But there are a great many quick mechanisms you can use to put together a suitable ethical bribe without […]


Seven Ways To Get Other People To Create Your Blog Content For You

Tweet Creating content for a blog can be hard. You have to continually come up with new ideas. And, you have to spend the time creating the content and putting it up on the site. There are ways to use the skills of other people to create content for you and add value to your […]


Generate High Quality Original Podcast Content Cheaply (Or For Free)

Tweet Many people think of a podcast as being a live and spontaneous show, but that’s far from the truth. I talk more about it in my Little Podcast Efficiencies training, but often, the best podcasts are carefully planned, structured and systematised. The main advantage of having a structure? It removes the need for the […]


A Business Idea For Niche PLR Video Creators

Tweet The market for Private Label Rights content, that is content that can be edited and sold as if you wrote it, seems to have become stagnant. Although there are some big players who are doing well, most of the sales are based around the Internet Marketing niche. This stagnated market seems to be particularly […]


A Seven Minute Strategy To Make More Affiliate Sales

Tweet Many marketers don't use the technique of making affiliate sales enough to add value to their business. This is a powerful technique, regardless of what niche you're in. You can add affiliate links inside your projects, or on your download page. This gives you an extra source of income for any product that you […]