Seven Ways To Get Other People To Create Your Blog Content For You

Creating content for a blog can be hard. You have to continually come up with new ideas. And, you have to spend the time creating the content and putting it up on the site.

There are ways to use the skills of other people to create content for you and add value to your blog. And, even better, you can do this completely ethically and to the value of both parties. There’s no stealing content or trying to con people to get them to provide you with new blog material here.

So, what kind of methods can you use. I’ve selected seven of them that work well across a variety of blog types for this post. These should be applicable whether you’re in the Internet Marketing space or you’re working in another niche.


Method #1 – Ask People A Question And Compile The Results

If you have a mailing list, or a frequent set of readers, ask them a question. Ideally, this will be something where they can tell you a personal story which you can then share with your readership.

The prize for participating is that the best stories will be shown on the blog. But, you can always award additional small prizes as tokens of appreciation if you like.

Many readers like this type of interactive content.

Method #2 – Embed Other People’s Shared Materials

There are many sites around where people post up content that they’re created with the hope that it will be more widely shared

One example is SlideShare. You can find lots of slide shows up there, usually in the form of traditional presentation slides. Just copy the embed code to your blog and you have a ready made post. Even better, the person who created the slides will be pleased to see that they’ve been shared with a wider audience (this also increases their view rate).

I’d recommend adding some text around the slide show to introduce it, or to give your own opinion on the content, but that should only take a few minutes.

You can use a similar process to embed material from other sites. Try it with carefully selected YouTube videos.

Method #3 – Hire A Writer

When you’re looking to have content created for you by other people, sometimes the traditional method of paying for it is the best.

There are all kinds of different levels of writers out there, who operate at different price points, so take the time to find someone whose style suits the blog that you’ve produced.

Personally, I don’t use ghostwriters on this blog (unless it’s carefully acknowledged), but for a less personal blog, there’s no shame in strategically using the other resources that are out there.

Method #4 – Embeded Private Label Rights Content

PLR is sold with the idea that it’s going to be reused. It’s ready made content there for the taking.

You do need to check the exact terms that come with the PLR to see if it can be reused in this way.

You can buy individual PLR articles that each form a blog post. Or, you can take a longer PLR product and carefully break this down into a series of articles.

Personally, I would never use PLR as is. It’s worth taking the time to rewrite it (or to hire someone to rewrite it) so that your own voice comes through. But, the option of using as is exists if you want to work in this way.

Method #5 – Include Press Releases

Explore the online archives of press releases and look for new stories.

Press releases are created with the idea that they will be shared widely. After all, they are from companies trying to get news.

You can rewrite the press release if you want. But, be sure to leave quotes in the same style in which they were originally written.

You can also reach out to the contacts on press releases and see if you can get original quotes or if they want to contribute to your blog. A quick five minute telephone interview can provide a wealth of original content.

Method #6 – Buy Ready-Made Unique Content

There are several sites out there on the Internet where people can put up ready made content to sell. This is content which is written as original but then sold only to one person.

I also know of some well-known ghostwriters who write content on what they feel are fresh areas but then sell this using their mailing lists to promote and auction software to decie which of a group of bidders gets to own the content.

Even if you never win the auctions, just looking at the new ideas can be a great way of coming up with hot new topics for your own blog (which you can then get created using the other methods from this blog post).

Method #7 – Create a “Round-up” Post

Round-up posts are really common now and simply bring together content originally published on other sites.

There are all kinds of strategies you can use to structure these. You could link to other blog posts (e.g. “Best five posts on using PLR content“). You should recommend websites (e.g. “Top 10 technology sites in 2017“). Or you could link to photos (e.g. “Funniest 7 pet photos of all time“).

This is also a good way to revitalise your own blog posts. You can create a round-up post looking at your previous posts on a blog on a particular subject, so that they’re all collected in one easy place ready for your visitors to enjoy.


What Do You Think?

Which of these seven methods is your favourite way of getting other people to create new content for your blog?

Can you recommend any external sites for people to use to help them with this?

Reply below, and let us all know.

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