One of my biggest regrets with Internet Marketing is that there were many things I wish I'd picked up on a lot sooner.

This video blog post overviews some of the things I've discovered in my years as an Internet Marketer and wish I feel would be useful to my blog viewers. Read the rest of this entry

Firing Your Internet Marketing Customers?

One trend that I'm hearing more and more about, is that of marketers who are "firing" their Internet Marketing customers.

By firing, I mean that these marketers are using whatever methods are necessary to prevent those customers from buying from them again. Most marketing product sales systems have some type of Blacklist option, for instance, both WSO Pro and JV Zoo offer this, for WSO sellers, and that adds those customers to a list of people who cannot buy and receive future products. Read the rest of this entry

Why I’m Building Up My JV Zoo Product Line

I've used lots of different systems and processes to sell information products over the years, and one of my current projects is building up my product line using JV Zoo.

There are a few reasons why I've chosen to do that, and  I want to share them with you in this blog post. Read the rest of this entry

The Blog Post Length Debate

What works best? Short or long blog posts?

I've tried both, and I want to share with you my thoughts.

At the end, let me know if you agree. Read the rest of this entry

A Business Idea For Niche PLR Video Creators

The market for Private Label Rights content, that is content that can be edited and sold as if you wrote it, seems to have become stagnant. Although there are some big players who are doing well, most of the sales are based around the Internet Marketing niche. This stagnated market seems to be particularly the case for PLR videos.

Where PLR exists for other niches, it tends to be of a basic type – whether it’s a guide for beginners showing them how to train their dogs, or to get six pack abs. Sometimes, this can be seen converted into videos, but even then they tend to become much of a slideshow type variety, really just converting the written word into a visual medium. Read the rest of this entry

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