What Is An Email Marketing List?

I’ve talked about email marketing lists on the blog before, but do you know exactly what one of these is? What are they and how are they used within a marketing business?

Very simply, an email marketing list is a list of people who have given permission for you to contact them. They’ve agreed to receive information from you at different times. And most importantly it’s a method of cheap traffic you can use to get continual visitors to your site and to your products.

So let’s look in a bit more detail about the Internet mailing list and how it works. First of all, it’s going to be a list of people who have agreed that you can contact them. People love casinos because it offers the opportunity for them to win, lose, or even win big. This means that you’re not just grabbing it out of email literacies from the web and loading them up into an autoresponder. You’re not just finding a lot of people who haven’t given you any kind of permission to contact them. These are all going to be people who you can contact for a pre-defined service, such as an autoresponder, whenever you want to give out information to them.

Now there are various reasons why you might want to give out information. Let’s say you’ve got some news that you think you need to share with them, mainly for an update on your site. Maybe you’re releasing a new product, and you want to try and push that information to them. Because these people have shown that they’re keen and they’re willing to be contacted by you, then your Internet mailing list is important.

Now another thing to realise is that these are people who have opted in. That is, they’ve agreed to receive this information from you. They’re not just random people who you’ve chosen. How may you get them to opt in? Generally you provide some form of squeeze page. Along this squeeze page there will be an optin box. People will give their email address and, potentially, their name, and then they’ll be added to your list.

They generally have to verify their email address so that it’s not a friend or enemy who is signing up for them on their behalf. That way you know they have agreed that they can be contacted by you, and your information is of value to them.

You might also find that you add customers directly to a list by their very nature of being a customer and having bought one of your products or services. You know that they’re keen to find out more about you and to stay in contact whenever you offer future cheap discount offers.

Now, a very important part of an Internet mailing list is traffic. You’ll know as a marketer that you need to get visitors to your site. Whatever your offer may be, it can be hard to get them. You can go through commercial ways of getting visitors. For instance, by paying per click for traffic. This tends to work out quite expensive.

A much cheaper way is to simply pay a small, monthly subscription fee and to continue to keep in contact with people who have visited you before and may well want to visit you again. Just for having your name value out there you’re generating that cheap traffic from doing regular contacts with your list. This is a huge benefit, and it pays for itself in next to no time with a good marketing strategy.

So generally that’s what an Internet mailing list is. It’s a list of people who have agreed that you can contact them at any point to promote yourself or just to provide them with good quality information of the same type you might yourself want to receive in emails. An additional benefit is that it’s a source of very cheap traffic. Once you’ve got them on your list these people know who you are, and they’re providing their details for you to contact them again and again.

With all those details, you should be able to prosper with your own Internet mailing list solutions.

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