The Role Of A Content Writer

If you have ever written for personal projects, school work or other locations, you may think that’s there’s money to be made from writing online. But you may also not be sure quite what’s meant by the term content writer on the internet.

Quite simply, a content writer is someone who writes things and makes money out of it using the internet as a base for their writing. This writing can take different forms. For instance, as a content writer you may be writing for your own sites or you might be writing for different people. There are also many different types of content you can write that go within the main content writing banner.

Let’s consider exactly what we mean by writing for the internet. Whenever you are look around the internet you will find that there are lots of pages of content. Any site is going to have content here and this content is what gets indexed by Google and the other search engines in order to help people to find their site.

This content doesn’t just appear on the sites by magic. If you take a typical site aimed at the lover of a particular sport might have many different pages of information. These pages have got to be written by somebody and so by becoming a content writer you would be filling out that content by providing good quality information that can be used to bring visitors to the pages on the internet.

This information might be for yourself or it might be for other people. It’s easy to think how this will be for yourself if you start your own blog, you’re most likely going to be writing your own blog posts from scratch. If you set up your own site on a particular topic you will probably be writing articles to fill out the basis of that site. So writing for yourself can be very lucrative if you’re trying to get visitors there.

Often, especially if you’re looking to make money from your writing, you’ll be writing for other people. This means they’ll give you the topics they’ll need to be covered and then you’ll be expect to go away to research them and to produce the content that meets their needs. Then these people will put these on their site as if this was their own. So essentially you’ve become a ghost writer and a content provider.

Now there are different types of content you can write. The most obvious type is an article. That would be the kind of thing that appears on any site. There are also articles on related sites to provide back links to the main money sites for people. You might be writing something like a blog post, but quite outside of that all kinds of other writing is needed. Advertising copy takes people to buy a particular product or to capture lead. There might be press releases in order to get the media interested in a story.

Writing doesn’t just mean that there are 500 word articles that might appear on a site. It could cover a whole multitude of different areas. That is the kind of area in which a content writer works.

Generally we think of a content writer as somebody who makes money writing for the internet. They could be writing for themselves, but equally well they could be working as a ghost writer and providing content for other people. And the types of content they could work on vary depending on the particular project. More generally this might include articles but it could include more sophisticated writing such as sales copy.

Now you know exactly what is meant by becoming a content writer online.

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