Make More Money From Your Writing

As you begin to establish yourself as an internet content writer you may be thinking that yes, these wages aren’t good enough or you’re not making enough money from your writing. The good news is it’s fairly easy to get a higher rate of pay as a writer. There are three things you can do to focus in on this. As you develop your skills there aren’t any reason why you can’t increase your charges.

The first thing you should look at is spending more time promoting and marketing your services. The second thing you should look at doing is to write the articles faster. If instead of writing two articles an hour you can go to writing four articles an hour you’ve affected, you’ve doubled your hourly rate. And the third thing you should do is increase your charge per word.

To start off with, to get more business you need to be spending time on promotion. Promotion will pay for itself in the long run. Think about all the different places you can advertise your services. Maybe you can even go onto sites which are looking for writers directly. Maybe you’re going to set up a web page advertising your services or maybe you’re just going to contact all your previous buyers and ask them do they want some extra work. It’s amazing how many of them will have forgotten about you unless you keep in contact with them. By getting more business you’ll soon be able to increase your earnings in a day which is highly valuable if you’re trying to make it a living or even a nice second income article writing.

The second thing you should do is write the articles faster. Now as a starting writer you might have developed to the stage where you can write two 500 word articles in an hour. This is great, but if you could write three articles per hour you’ve got a 50% hourly raise. As you can push that up to four articles per hour then you’ve doubled your hourly rate and the faster you can go the better. There are all sorts of tricks to writing articles faster. Most of it boils down to being able to research quickly and being able to type quickly. And the better you can do this the more money you stand to earn from writing faster articles.

Finally, you should be thinking about how much you charge. As a starting content writer you might have started your rates at one cent per word. That means every 500 word article you make five dollars. If you increase this just one half cent per word which doesn’t sound like a great deal, then you’ll be making seven dollars fifty per article. This is a 50% increase in your pay. Now you need to be pushing that price as far as you can without losing to much business. It could be that it is more profitable to write fewer articles but charge a higher rate per article to get those produced. Just capitalize on your strengths. If you’re a native English speaker then make sure to say that in your ads. If you have repeat business explain to them why you need to increase your fees. And if you’ve been pulling in business for them then they’ll be more than happy to pay it.

There you have it. Three things you should do, in conjunction with each other ideally, to make more money if you’re going to be writing. First of all you need to concentrate on getting an increased amount of business because the more article orders or content orders you have coming in, the more money you can make. Secondly, you need to increase the speed that you’re producing your articles just by adding a small extra number of articles an hour will drastically increase you’re overall pay. And finally you need to put up the amount you charge per word as this goes up providing you don’t lose too much business, your overall profit will be higher. This is how your overall money making abilities from online content writing will improve.

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