The Perfect Webinar

A question for today. I don’t know the answer?

Webinars have grown in popularity dramatically in recent months. What makes the perfect webinar?

If you’ve somehow missed all the hype, a webinar is essentially short for web based seminar. It’s an online and interactive training session delivered over the web.

Think of it as being at college, but instead of being taught face-to-face, you’re being taught by a live video link. You can listen, you can ask questions (by typing them in or perhaps through a microphone), you can take notes.

You can even do things which would be frowned upon in a live setting. Get up and make a cup of tea, or sit and watch without having to dress up (the video link is one way).

There are all sorts of different webinar structures, but most of them seem to be 90 minutes long, and generally contain a mix of information and ‘pitch’ (personally I value ones with the pitch kept until the end much higher than the ones which seem like extended sales letters).

My question is really, why these are 90 minutes long?

To me, this seems like a long time to concentrate.

I remember learning to drive, and the sessions were always a standard 50 minutes long because that was as long as most people’s attention span. Lessons at school or college were the same.

Even TV programmes are generally produced in episodes of about this length (less when you exclude the adverts).

Is there more of a market for shorter webinars of about this length, perhaps more focused?

Hit the reply button and let us know if you know where the 90 minute standard came from, or if you have any preference.

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