The Difficulties Of Creating Backend Products As An Internet Marketer

Tweet As a marketer you are probably aware that you should always offer multiple products as part of a single transaction. Once somebody has purchased your initial frontend product you might also upsell them to a backend product which is perhaps selling for more money but is definitely bringing in a source of income. But […]


The Technical Issues With Marketing Backends

Tweet Often when you are considering integrating a backend into your sales funnel process you are concerned with the technical work which is required to get this integrated into the process. This does not need to be a hard task, but there are definitely some issues to be considered. In this article I am going […]


Do We Fear The WORK Word?

Tweet The biggest marketing myth I hear continually being perpetrated online is that Internet Marketing is a no work activity. Really, nothing could be further from the truth. You can believe everyone who is selling their version of a “Get Rich Quick” scheme if you want, but generally the only person who gets rich from […]


Becoming More Than The Average Marketer

Tweet One of those terms that I've started hearing again and again recently is that of the "average marketer". It is one of those slight misnomers. No-one really wants to be considered an average marketer if they have the choice, but for most marketers, being average is actually being very successful.


I So Wish I’d Done This Sooner! Video Blog Post

Tweet One of my biggest regrets with Internet Marketing is that there were many things I wish I'd picked up on a lot sooner. This video blog post overviews some of the things I've discovered in my years as an Internet Marketer and wish I feel would be useful to my blog viewers.