How Special Deals On Writing Services Can Be The Key To A Long-Term Business And Repeat Clients

Offering a writing service can be a great way to get a work from home business running. But, it’s not always easy. When you’re trying to get started offering a writing service around all the other things that occupy your time as a busy person, it can be hard to get the first set of clients. The good news is that there are many ways to bring clients to you who are very keen to take advantage of the opportunities that you’re offering. An excellent method is to offer a special deal on your writing services.

By making a special deal available, you are showing clients that you are an excellent writer who will meet their needs in providing content for their use. As you’re offering a special price, potential clients will not feel worried about taking a shot with a writer who is not established. They stand to lose much less if things go wrong. They stand to gain much more if they go right.

I recommend that you price your special deal at roughly half the price you would normally charge. For instance, if you usually charge 2c a word, you would offer a special deal at 1c a word. Group the special deal you’re offering into small sets of articles. Video poker is also a very popular game among online casinos. Sets of five articles, each of 400 words, usually works well. At the rates I’ve quoted, you would offer a set of articles for $20. Although this does not seem like a lot of money, you’re offering this as a loss leader in order to get clients signed on at the full price.

An excellent way to advertise this deal is by using a Warrior Special Offer, an area that I’ve covered in detail on the blog on many previous occasions. This process uses the Warrior Forum, the largest Internet Marketing forum in the world. For a small fee, you can post an opportunity which is made available to highly targeted online marketers who are looking for the best deal possible. If you limit the number of article packs you are offering at the special rate (10 is a good number) you are introducing elements of scarcity and encouraging people to buy before the good deal goes.

You can also offer discount offers to people who have previously expressed interest in your services, or who know you through other sources such as your blog. Make sure that you offer special deals on your writing services in order to get clients and establish yourself as a paid writer.

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