Autoblogging For Real

Think you know what autoblogging is?

Today, I’m going to share with you my realistic version.

I won’t call it autoblogging.

I’ll call it Near Autoblogging.

Many of the benefits of autoblogging, but with your own voice and without the duplicate content.

Autoblogging Is About Efficiency

Many of the reasons that people use autoblogging (pulling it content directly to their site from a variety of places) isn’t because they want a purely automated blog.

It’s because blogging is just too time consuming.

It needn’t be if you have a system (there’s one of my favourite words again).

Let Me Let You Into A Secret

I wrote this post well in advance of the planned publication date.

This was part of a process of filling my blog with enough content that I can leave it to run on autopilot (autoblogging right?).

Not that I am going to leave it, you understand!

Just because this post was written early, doesn’t mean that I’m not visiting regularly, checking in, keeping everything up to date, replying to comments, all the usual thing. In fact, I’ve made sure to release it, as it’s too good a post to have sitting there as future filler.

It’s a Back Up Plan

I put up content in reserve, so that I don’t have to think.

I’m still visiting and adding more posts about things that come up. So the autoblogging is just a backup.

Look back at my last few posts. Can you tell which ones I’ve written live and which ones I’ve prescheduled?

If not, then Near Autoblogging is working.

You Can Near Autoblog Too

Just spend a bit of time queueing up some interesting posts. Once a month is fine. It means your blog won’t be neglected if you can’t get to it.

Three Secrets

  1. Pick topics that don’t date
  2. Pick topics of a general interest
  3. Your Autoblog posts can be short

With practice, you can put up a year’s worth of autoblog posts in a day, then just fill around it when you have time.


Will You Autoblog?

Add your reply below and reveal all.

Take up the challenge and fill your blog.

I promise I won’t ignore your comments!

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