How Often Do You Blog … ?

Two simple questions for today.

How often do you post to your blog?


How often do you post to your Twitter?

I’m trying to work out what best practice is.

I think blogging once a day is probably overkill, but Twittering when there’s something quick to say makes a good alternative.

Over to you.

Hit the reply button and let me know.

4 replies on “How Often Do You Blog … ?”

I tend to tweet whenever I come across good content to share (I never do useless the weather is great style tweets).
As for blogging I like to post 2 or 3 times a week but I vary the days. I do not want to get stuck into a routine, but I want to do it whenever I feel like it, so I continue to love doing it. I often have good ideas for posts and then I write them.
 But I do worry about creating a routine or expectation from my customers which I am unable to keep up with.

Yes, I'm tweeting much more often than I used to do. The thing that's made a difference to my Twitter account and keeping it active is setting up some of the automated notifications which post to Twitter. I also love TweetMeme, which I've got running on the blog now, as well as linked to some of my products.


I tweet more then I blog as I don't  always have lots to say but I tend to think of quick little updates. I guess if I could see a similarity between my tweets I could make a blog post from them, however my tweets tend to be random.

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