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Getting Ideas For Ebooks

If you’re thinking about writing an ebook, there is one area which can be a big challenge for you. That’s to choose an idea or topic on which you want to write it. There are a lot of reasons for this. You want to choose a topic that can potentially sell quite well. After all, you are going to be selling this ebook afterwards. You ideally also want to be writing about something that interests you. In this article I’m going to discuss three ways to help you to come up with an idea for an ebook.

To start off by considering what topics you’re passionate about and that you know a lot about. Often your passion for a topic will come across in your writing and this will help to motivate a reader to take an action on the information you provide to them. But more importantly, this is going to save you a whole amount of time in researching or finding out information about the area you’re writing about. After all if the area is new to you, you’ve got to go away and find out about it before you can write about it. Because you’re composing an ebook on a topic that you’re very familiar with, after all you’re passionate about it, this will save you a lot of investigative time and it means you can get your product to market far quicker. This can outweigh the need for working on a highly profitable area and can help you to get your name out there to the masses in minimal time.

If there’s not an area you’re particularly passionate about or you’re more interested in working in long-term profit solution, you may be interested in writing about a particular niche. In this case you want to find things that people themselves are passionate about or interested in finding out information about. A good starting point are on niche forums. A benefit of a forum is it immediately will give you access to the actual questions that people are asking. After all if you’ve seen a forum post with a question and it received a large amount of replies, then you immediately have both a question in which you could form your ebook, or a chapter of the ebook, as well as a large amount of research already prepared to help you to shape your end product. You need to make sure that you don’t plagiarize this research and that you just use the basis in your supplementary with additional sources where appropriate. Researching forums and niches that you think may be profitable can be a great way of coming up with an income pulling ebook topic.

A third way of finding appropriate topics for an ebook is to look at physical books and see what topics are popular. Now you want to avoid fiction books because these aren’t generally marketable online as ebooks. Instead you want to look at the non-fiction books. How-To and Self Help books are particularly useful for this, anything which tells somebody how to solve a particular problem or to get to a solution. A good place to do this is to avoid physical book shelves and to simply work from the comfort of your computer by looking at Amazon and the Non-Fiction Best Sellers. Find a book which looks to have appropriate topics for you to write an ebook on. Your ebook only needs to cover a small section of a physical book as it’s for a different type of audience, and then use that to give you a good idea about what to write about.

Don’t sit there and struggle to come up with an idea for an ebook. Go ahead and do a bit of research. This need not be a long and onerous process. If there’s a topic you’re already passionate about then channel that passion into the ebook and work on that. Otherwise, just do a bit of online research, either by looking at forums and finding questions that people are asking, or looking at online book shops such as Amazon and seeing what the popular books are being sold. After all if it’s popular off line, there’s a good chance it’ll be popular for you online as well. Once you’ve done this you can start to compose your book and that’s when the larger chunk of the work really begins.

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