A Business Idea For Niche PLR Video Creators

The market for Private Label Rights content, that is content that can be edited and sold as if you wrote it, seems to have become stagnant. Although there are some big players who are doing well, most of the sales are based around the Internet Marketing niche. This stagnated market seems to be particularly the case for PLR videos.

Where PLR exists for other niches, it tends to be of a basic type – whether it’s a guide for beginners showing them how to train their dogs, or to get six pack abs. Sometimes, this can be seen converted into videos, but even then they tend to become much of a slideshow type variety, really just converting the written word into a visual medium.


The Gap

There seems to be a gap in the market for video PLR which provides real demonstrations and information for different niches. Information of a “how to” variety.

That is, a set of videos about dog training, where you actually see the techniques being applied to real dogs and watch the solutions.
That is, a set of videos about getting six pack abs, where you get to see the different exercises and techniques used, and ideally even get to watch the transformation.

Such PLR could be supported with PowerPoint slides and sales copy could be provided, but importantly it would provide actionable content that is ready for other people to sell outside of the Internet Marketing niche.

I believe that such content would sell well as PLR, since there is very little like it in the market.


The Challenge

The main challenge is going to be getting the live action style video to go along with this.

My recommendation would be to find people who already have the required skills and to provide them with payment to demonstrate them in the videos. There are some niches, for instance cookery, where this would be relatively easy. The other niches mentioned in this post would need more work, but it would still be possible through local contacts, or exploration through the delights of the Internet.
If a PLR company, or an up-and-coming marketer, would embrace that idea and run with it, I believe that they could be very successful.


What Do You Think?

I’d welcome your opinions on this potential PLR business model, and the steps that can be taken to make it successful.

Just provide your thoughts below to share them with the world.

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