Does Ebook Piracy Matter?

It’s a fact that piracy thrives on the internet. People are copying songs without permission of the copyright holders. People are playing videos online that they have no permission for. And if you write an ebook then some people are going to steal that too. You can’t completely illuminate this no matter what measures you take to do so. The highest level of thieves will always find a way to circumvent your protection. But generally, there are ways around making it easy for people to steal your ebook and ways to capitalize they do, so, I’m going to go through some of these in this article for you today. Read the rest of this entry

Is Forum Marketing Worth It?

In forum marketing you’re generally looking to market on forums which will prove to be beneficial to you in the long-term. There are different reasons why you might choose forums in the field. For instance, if you’re searching in a particular niche, then there will be several competing forums and others which get very little traffic at all. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can go about deciding which forums are most appropriate to market on. Read the rest of this entry

Ebook Pricing Strategies

When you are writing an ebook a big question that often comes to mind is, “How much can I charge for my ebook? What is my likely audience going to pay?” This is a difficult question to answer and you may wish to go ahead and test out your ebook at different price points to find out. Within this article, I’m going to suggest some common pricing points and when you might choose to sell your ebook for each one of those. Read the rest of this entry

Deciding On The Best Length For An Ebook

There are a lot of different schools of thought about how long an ebook should be and how your one should be depends on the particular situation and the niche that you’re marketing for. In this article, I’m going to suggest three common lengths often used for online ebooks and the reasons why they might be appropriate for you. When you read this article you can then put this together and make a balanced decision to help you when you’re planning out your overall ebook strategy. Read the rest of this entry

When you’re getting started with Forum Marketing, you’re often faced with a bit of a quandary. Whereabouts in that forum is the most appropriate place to market your product in? In this article I’m going to suggest the places you should look straight away and you may wish to focus your forum marketing efforts on them. Read the rest of this entry

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