Here is a strategy you can use to write books for Kindle and CreateSpace which works really well and also helps to establish you as an expert.

You need to contact experts and get them to contribute to your book. You can contact one expert and work with them, or work with a series of experts, each contributing a chapter or so each.
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In most cases you will want to include a backend product as a part of your marketing sales funnel. That means once a customer has purchased an initial item they are presented with a onetime offer with a certain amount of scarcities associated with the offer because they will not be seen again. This can get you a high conversion rate because you are a proven buyer, but in some cases it may not be appropriate to have a backend.

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Generating A Writing Portfolio

As somebody looking to establish themselves as a writer on the internet, you may have found that it is often difficult to get writing business, particularly if you don’t have a writing portfolio available.

A portfolio is a record of your writing style and it just shows the type of written requests you’ve successfully completed in the past. Anybody looking to hire a content writer would generally want to see the portfolio, they want to check the quality of the English that’s being produced and whether the writing style fits in for own particular needs and niches. But how do you generate a portfolio if you’ve not got one?

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When Google Doesn’t Work

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you almost certainly are a bit of a Google expert. That is, you can go onto Google, type in whatever your search term may be, and quickly find the pages that are most relevant to you to help you with your online research.

Generally Google is a very good search for research because it has such a wide amount of the web well-indexed, and this will help you to solve your particular puzzle or conundrum. But Google can’t always be relied upon to give you an answer for every particular case. And there’s many reasons for that. Read the rest of this entry

Generally, when you’re trying to complete a piece of research on the Internet, whether this is for an academic study, a term paper, or just your own information you want to investigate, you’ll move first to Google. There are many reasons for this, but Google has the majority of share as a search engine, and for many people it opens up automatically on their home page, so you go to Google almost without even thinking about it. The good news is that Google generally provides an accurate level of results, and they continually update their algorithm to make sure the information they return is relevant.

But sometimes you may not find the information you want on Google. After all, Google doesn’t index every possible web page, and there may be alternatives there. So what are the best ways to get around Google when this happens to you, or to find information through other sources? The answer is to use alternative search techniques. And I’m going to talk about these in this article. Read the rest of this entry

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