One of the changes taking place in the product launch marketplace I’ve observed over the last few years has been the growth of the use of affiliate bonuses for product launches. As a customer, they often make a difference over whether I buy a new product, and which affiliate I purchase it from. As a seller, they make a big difference to the number of people who buy through my affiliate link instead of a competitor, and so can impact on my financial bottom line.

Indeed, many people who are launching products now strongly suggest their affiliates provide bonuses to people who buy through their link. And, many affiliates respond. I’ve seen bonus packages for high ticket items where the value of the bonus far eclipses the material provided in the main package – and which could easily allow that affiliate to make a high value launch of their own.

But, bonuses aren’t just limited to high ticket items. Some affiliates provide bonuses for products that sell for just a few dollars. Personally, I tend to stay away from bonuses in those cases. For me, the effort required, and the potential loss of a product launch of my own, far outweighs any value to be had from additional sales. It can also create an expectation that you will provide affiliate bonuses with your customers (who then only buy from you when you do offer a bonus). Read the rest of this entry

Often on my blog, I’ve talked about how you can work as a writer in order to make money. I quite enjoy doing writing work for other people as I enjoy writing, although nowadays I prefer to write for myself. But, it may surprise you to know that I also outsource writing work to others. Not for this blog or for any of the main places you might associate me with, but particular for niche sites or where I publish under a pen name.

If you’re not particularly keen on writing and you just have a large amount which needs to be completed, you may have decided the most cost effective strategy for you is to outsource your writing needs rather than trying and complete the work yourself. This can be a very valid strategy depending on your particular needs. Read the rest of this entry

The mobile market place nowadays is highly lucrative as more and more people are prepared to buy things using their cell phones or mobile device. Others are continually glued to their tablets. After all, it is a further investment. But you may be considering whether it’s appropriate for your business to produce a mobile product or whether you should just stick solely to the world of home PCs rather than the mobile market. In this blog post I want to explore some of the reasons why you should produce a mobile product and how can this benefit your business in the long term. Read the rest of this entry

When you’re looking to make money from home as a busy person, it can often be difficult to find the time necessary to get tasks completed. There are continual interruptions. If you’ve got children, they can be continually looking for help or support. There are always things that you need to do. Read the rest of this entry

Move Your Mind Mapping Online

I’m a big fan of mind mapping for certain things (not everything, sometimes just a rough notepad, or even ‘internal’ notes is enough).

And the FreeMind software is more than enough for people (it’s totally free and let’s you produce mind maps – what more could you want?).

What if you want to share your mind maps online? Read the rest of this entry

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