Create Your Own Book Without Writing It

Have you ever wanted to release a book, but been put off by all the work involved with writing it yourself?

Here’s a strategy you can use to get people to write books for you.
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Finding Writing Work Online

When you’re trying to get started making money on the internet it’s often quite tempting to go after writing work. After all most people can write to some degree because you write all the time. You write on forums, you write emails and messages to your friends and of course you’ve been taught to write on school and that gives you a huge advantage you’ve got a service you can offer that people really want to buy. Because websites continually need new content generated for them. But one of the very best places to look for writing work would help with any context.

There are three main groups of places you can look for. First of all, freelance activities require quite a bit of work. Secondly, you should be using your own website and drawing traffic to it exclusively for your writing services. And finally advertise yourself on different sites which are looking for writers to hire. Read the rest of this entry

Internet marketing can be a solitary affair. But, to be successful, you really need to work with other people in the marketing space.

If you know one thing about the internet is it is a global community full of many millions of people.  It’s normally quite impossible to just exist there completely on your own.  No matter what you do you’ll be interacting with people even if it’s just by posting on a forum.  Generally you want to make as much use of other people as you can. This will help push your expert status. Read the rest of this entry

Sometimes, it’s easy to be blinded with the idea of moving forward with developing a mobile app, even if there’s not really a market for it. Missing the obvious signs is a common problem for all internet marketers, whether this means developing an e-book that doesn’t have a market, writing a course that no one will attend or producing an app that nobody will buy or download.

When you have a good idea for a mobile application, you may wish to check if this is really going to be the best one for you to develop or if you should put this idea to one side and develop an alternative one. In this blog post, I’m going to help you to perform a common sense check before you spend the time and money necessary to develop the app and put it on sale. Read the rest of this entry

Blogging For The Kindle Audience

Here’s a quick tip for you that you can use to increase the visibility of your blog.

Have you ever thought about posting your blog content onto Kindle?

This is something that’s easy to accomplish with the automated Kindle tools, but also very underused.
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