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Ebook Writers – Have You Considered These Alternatives?

If you sat down and written an ebook you may realise there’s a big problem with writing ebooks – and it is exactly that – it’s the writing. Writing an ebook can be a long process. After all, you have to do a lot of research, you have to put your information in written form. And if you’re one of these people who doesn’t like writing, you may decide it’s not the best long-term income strategy to employ.

The good news is there are many alternatives to ebooks, which still allow you to get the information out to your customers and still make money from them. First of all, you could present information is an ordinary audio series. This is very simple to do. You just need to plug a microphone into the appropriate place on your PC and record yourself reading the information out or talking about a subject. After all, most people can talk far more quickly than they can write. And if you are one of these, you can present the information much better by presenting it in the audio form then you would do by writing it. After all, you don’t need to go back and edit out every single mistake. People expect some mistakes in audio. It’s quite normal. So by repurposing information or representing it as an audio series rather than an ebook you can produce this product much quicker.

The second presentation method is video. Video series tend to sell for premium prices on the internet and that’s a good reason for moving towards creating them. If you’re the kind of person who is very practical and good at creating videos then video series are for you. These need only to be screen counter videos. You can create a set of power point slides. Think of these along the lines of the content you may have in an ebook, and then record yourself talking about them, giving the same information as you would in the ebook. You can often produce these in almost real time. The only danger of a video series is that sometimes a group of your audience may not wish to receive information in that format. They prefer being able to go back and check information in the ebook and being able to search it physically. If that’s the case, you should stick with an ebook. If not, a video series could be a good alternative for you.

The final option I’m going to present is that of a webinar. Webinars have been being used on the internet for a few years now, but they are not known in all niches. Essentially a webinar is a live class being taught over the internet. That is people who join in the class can see your screen and they can listen to your voice. This is a fairly high end product because you’re interacting directly with them. They can ask you questions. You can answer them live. You can even put them on the webinar to speak themselves and to share their ideas with you. Because of this you can charge a premium price for it and if you have enough information to do a good webinar series, this can be highly lucrative and profitable alternative to an ebook for you.

There’s no reason why you have to present information in an ebook. It could be a good way from the beginning to let marketers start out. After all, ebooks are proven long-term sellers and they will surely continue to be so. But instead of that, consider presenting the same information in a different format, you may make more money by working on a purely audio series, by doing a screen capture series of videos or by teaching a live webinar class. Any of these could be a good alternative for you if you don’t like writing.

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