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Creating A PDF File For An Ebook

One of the technical challenges you’re going to meet when you create an ebook is how you turn it into an appropriate format for distribution. The most common one of these is Adobe’s PDF format which is handy as most people already have the software required of you on their PC. In fact, PDF is the common way of distributing ebooks and if you’re marketing to a niche which is used to reading ebooks, sthey will almost certainly expect information to be presented in PDF format. But how do you create that format and get around the technical difficulties? There are three simple ways you can follow to do this.

The first one is to open up your document using Writer in Libre Office. This is a freely available office suite which you can download from the internet. It’s open source, so it’s provided at no cost and by a group of volunteers. Libre Office has a very handy PDF button near the top of its screen. You just click on that button and choose where to save it and have a PDF generated automatically. This is great if you’ve already got a Word processed document and you just want a quick and easy way of getting this into a PDF.

Microsoft Word can also be used instead of Libre Office if it’s your software of choice. The latest versions of Microsoft Word have the option of saving your document as a PDF. In this case you just go to the Save As choice and select PDF from the options. This is great if you’re using the right Word versions as you can get your PDF created then and there with no messing about, with quality solutions.

The final option is to install a PDF printer driver. This is a printer that appears in your printer’s menu, but rather than being connected to a physical device, such as your inkjet or laser printer, it outputs to a file instead. And this file happens to be of the time PDF which is exactly the one you want to have to be able to distribute to your customers.

There are a number of free PDF printer drivers, and if you search the internet you’ll soon find one. Any of these can be appropriate for your needs and they can be installed very easily. You can also use this for any application. So if for any reason you wish to distribute a spreadsheet as a PDF document, you can do this as well from the PDF printer driver.

So don’t feel the need to be stuck behind the technical challenges that come at the end of producing an ebook when you’re trying to get it into PDF format. You’ve probably got the tools available on your machine already. If you’ve already installed Libre Office you can use that. If you’re using one of the recent versions of Microsoft Word, you can use the Save As menu and it saves as PDF. Alternatively, just download a free PDF printer driver from the internet and it should be a one click solution for saving all your documents as PDFs in the future. Your ebook will be ready to sell in next to no time.

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