The Difference Between Internet Writers And Traditional Writers

As somebody who is looking to get going writing content online you might be interested to know how this differs from the traditional print media writer.

The traditional print media writer is probably working the newspapers or magazines. There need to produce a large output of media quickly is drastically different to the internet writer. There are a few other reasons in which this differs.

To start with, the internet writer is probably producing short output written over a very brief time period. The amount of original research required by the internet writer is far less than the print journalist. And the online writer is probably working towards a number of key words which attract the interest of the search engines in different pages. This means, as an internet writer you shouldn’t be setting out to write huge long articles which will win national prizes. You should be producing quick output over generally short period.

Let’s take the typical internet article it’s somewhere around 500 words. The length may perhaps even deviate from 300 to 100 words. That’s still a far shorter article than the typical information that appears in a magazine and newspaper or in other aspects of the print media. The idea is to turn around things that can be done quickly and will feed the search engines and take people to pages that interest them.

As an internet writer, you should know that you’re generally not required to do a great deal of original research. A print journalist would have different facets to their role. They may well have to go out and interview people involved in particular stories to try to get as many new first hand quotes as possible. They may be basing their writing on press releases or surveys of which sometimes they can be involved in these surveys and collect original new data to support the story. Ideally the print writer is looking for anything original to add to it and make their newspaper or publication story stand out from their rivals.

The internet writer generally doesn’t do all this, they’re trying to polish together articles and content that can be done together over a very short time period. It’s certainly not impossible to turn out a good quality 500 word article in 30 minutes without a whole amount of research. Com a strong contender for the top position. There’s generally a lot more rewriting involved as an internet writer. They are just finding out information as a second hand source rather to go away and investigate it from scratch.

The final big difference between an internet writer and someone who writes for the printed media is the focus on the different keywords. As an internet writer you’re trying to attract traffic from the search engines. That means if somebody goes into Google and they search for a particular toy then as an internet writer you want to provide a page which has that toys name repeated in several times. That’s what keyword focus means.

A newspaper doesn’t have that necessity to work in keywords. For you, knowing exactly how the search engine optimize your articles is a very important part of being an internet writer. If you’re looking for business or if you’re looking to draw traffic to your own sites you’ll see this make a big difference to how successful you are on the long term.

There you have it. Three key reasons why being an internet writer is completely different from a print media writer. You would say they are completely different professions.

The internet writer is normally looking for short output which could be polished off in a number of minutes, say half an hour for a 500 word article. Their primarily focused around rewriting rather than conducting original research from scratch. And they need to make sure they work in keywords into the appropriate places in their article in order to attract the attention of the search engines.

If you can follow these guidelines you should be due success as an internet content writer.

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