Getting Traffic To Your Blog

If you’ve just launched a new blog, you may suddenly find a difficulty that you hadn’t otherwise anticipated – that nobody is visiting your blog. This is a problem for many bloggers. They may go ahead and post passionately about their topic day in and day out, but if there are no visitors there, then the blog is never going to be successful. After all, you’d like to develop a community on your blog, you want people to post replies to your own thoughts as that is what running a successful blog is all about. The good news is there are some simple ways to get traffic to your blog. That means you’ll be getting visitors coming out of thin air if you follow these methods.

The first thing you should do is set up a Twitter account to go along with your blog. If you start a personal blog, then your Twitter account may simply be your own name. If it’s a niche blog, then try and use a Twitter account which is again is linked to that niche. Once you’ve done that, spend a bit of time getting followers to your blog and people are interested in your Twitter account. You can then start to post a tweet every time you make a new post on the blog. And because these followers are following the Twitter account quite closely, a good thing is that a number of them will click across to your blog to see what you’ve written about. It far easier to get people to read a short 160 character tweet than it is to read a blog post, so by going through that two-stage strategy you’ll be increasing the amount of traffic to your blogging solution.

The second thing you should do is to capitalize in anyone that you’ve got by posting regularly on the blog. Now, a blog post does not have to be 1,000 word essay every time. You may be happy writing 50 or 100 words which you can notch up in a matter of minutes. That’s just showing everyone you’re alive and giving them a day-to-day update. Particularly if it’s a personal blog, it is very acceptable to put a short post up there just to keep everyone informed about something that’s going on in your day. By doing so, you’ll get visitors to continue to return to your blog to see your latest posts.

You may wish to advertise in forums. Now, if you go into an appropriate forum on your niche, people are always looking to read latest news relevant to that niche. And so, you can use your signature link to give some details about your blog. That way, when you start to post in the blog, people look at your signature link and they will think to click across and read more information about your blog. So, using forum advertising can be a good way of getting traffic to your blog.

You need not struggle with a lack of visitors going to your blog anymore. Just follow the three simple methods I’ve outlined in this article to get the traffic to it.

Make sure you have a Twitter account and that you post tweets to it fairly regularly, some of them about your blog, some of them about other matters, you’ll get visitors through that. Once you do start blogging, make sure you post regularly, after all, you want people to have good reason to come back and check your blog to see if it’s changed. And, advertise using suitable channels. A good one is forums because you can aim these at people who are already interested in the same area that your blog is in and get some of them to visit your blog.

The good news is, once you’ve started building traffic, it’s very easy for it to continue to build and build and build as time goes by and more your blog is indexed. People start to tell their friends about your blog and you soon won’t have to worry about chasing after traffic anymore.

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