I’m sure you know the feeling. You’ve started a blog with the best of intentions. But sometimes, it can be hard to fill your blog with new and original content.

After all, you’ve got to think of an idea for every single blog post you’re going to make. And if you’re hoping to do a post everyday on a niche blog, that can be cumbersome.

The good news is it needn’t be so difficult. In this article, I’m going to give you three simple outlines for blog topics which you can fit into any blog and they will help you to always have enough content and entertain your readers.

First thing you should be doing is monitoring the latest news at all times. And if you’re not monitoring it, you can simply search in a news site or an aggregate as Google News for your particular blog topic. Look for some recent stories which have been posted about the topic and then use your blog post to comment on the stories. You may wish to give a little bit of background information, you may wish to go straight into the comment if it’s a very well-known story, the choice is yours. By doing so, you’ve kept your blog up-to-date by news and it’s giving you an immediate idea for a blog post.

The second thing you should do is rant. Now, most people, and I’m no exception, have no problem finding things to learn about. Just keep a record of these as you go through your day. To come up with a rant, it may be directed very specifically in niche, it may be directed to pro to your niche, it may be directed on something that has happened to you personally – rant about it. The great thing is that rants create a lot of feedback on a page and they often get good discussions going. This can only be beneficial for your blog in the long run.

The third area you should consider are to review posts. These will generally be based around products in your niche, which you have a copy of. Find some and if you don’t have any then buy some because it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date with the latest goings on in your niche and just simply review it. If it’s a physical product, then that’s great. And you can provide a link to your blog readers to buy this. This can be an affiliate link, which means you make a small commission off it every time, which can help to keep your blog profitable and for you to continue to pay hosting fees. So, go ahead and write reviews about whatever’s appropriate for your niche and this is a good idea for a blog post.

Your blog never needs to run out of content again and you needn’t ever be stuck for ideas for posts on your blog. Simply choose one of these three things, find the recent news story relevant to your blog and comment on it, go off on a rant on something about your niche which is annoying you, this will help you to get continued interaction with the readers, or use the third method which you can also create interaction if people disagree with you. Give a review about a product relevant to your niche and ideally one that you can get a commission off. By doing this, you can soon put together plenty of blog content which will keep your blog running for months and years to come.

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