Outsource Your Life

Here’s a little tip about outsourcing that many people don’t use, but which can make you much more productive.

Don’t just outsource your internet marketing business.

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The Perfect Webinar

A question for today. I don’t know the answer?

Webinars have grown in popularity dramatically in recent months. What makes the perfect webinar?

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Making Blog Posts from Other People’s Content

I hope I made it clear in my last post that I like my blog content to be original.

To be exclusive is something that gives great value to the visitor.

But, even though I don’t like to use PLR in this way, I do use other people’s content.

How and why?

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I Don’t Use PLR On My Blog!

I don’t use PLR on this blog!

This might seem unusual to many people. Just consider all the blogs that you visit and how many of them contain posts which look, in many ways, familiar.

A lot of the time, that’s because they are PLR and are all generated from the same source.

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Improve the Quality of Forum Information

Recently, I wrote about how to be more productive when using forums.

It’s so easy to waste hours on forums reading (and writing) information that is of little value to anyone, and sometimes being drawn into perfectly pointless and unproductive arguments.

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