Improve the Quality of Forum Information

Recently, I wrote about how to be more productive when using forums.

It’s so easy to waste hours on forums reading (and writing) information that is of little value to anyone, and sometimes being drawn into perfectly pointless and unproductive arguments.

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The Forum Timewaster

Continuing my occasionally series of thoughts on productivity, how much time do you spend each day in forums?

I’ll be honest . I generally spend more than I should around a series of forums, both relating to marketing and just to general areas which I’m interested in.

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Template Driven Development

There’s one technique I use to speed up all my site and product development which I find is dramatically underused by other marketers.

That is Template Driven Development.

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TipDrop Users Tell You How To Succeed

In my previous post on TipDrop I mentioned that there are ways to make sure that you are successful with the site.

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Build a Community On Your Blog

Here’s one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve seen about establishing your blog.

Always end a post by asking for comments.

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