Three Scary Amazon Kindle Secrets

First of all, Happy Halloween!

I've had my Amazon Kindle for a few days now, and it's safe to say that I love it.

I'm very impressed by how easy the screen is to read, and, with a good book, you can soon forget that you're reading paper at all.

I'm sure that this is the way forward to reading.

Now, onto three tips that I've picked up over the last few days, which I'm sure will help you enjoy your Kindle even more. Read the rest of this entry

Scarcity in Animation

Last time I posted about scarcity, a subject very important for marketers, but a concept with which everyone might not be familiar.

I just saw a great example which I'd like to share with you.

Scarcity is the concept of making something scarce, that is limiting its availability.

For instance, in Internet Marketing, you could release a product and include scarcity by only making it available until a certain number of copies are sold. That means that people who want your product have to get in there before the last copy of is sold or they may be disappointed. Read the rest of this entry

Scarcity in Blog Action

An interesting experiment on Robert Plank's blog recently, which I want to grab a chance to comment on (particularly since I can't do so on his blog, for reasons which will be revealed in a minute).

Robert recently celebrated his 25th Birthday, quite an achievement if you look at what he's achieved in the Internet Marketing world in a very small space of time.

He celebrated this a new type of blog post, introducing scarcity in the comments field. Read the rest of this entry

A New Approach to Reading

I’m quite excited today, as a device I’ve been waiting for is sat waiting in a depot fifty miles away. Tomorrow, it will be delivered to me, and I anticipate that it will change the way I read all kinds of things.

Any ideas what the device is?

Read the rest of this entry

Sharp Business Practice – The OTO Mountain

In a recent post, I wrote about my annoyance at buying PLR e-books which turned out to be two thirds unusable filler.

This time, I want to talk more about the purchase process for that e-book, which was equally annoying, and perhaps soured me even before I got to the download page.

Read the rest of this entry

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