A Picture A Post

What can you produce in 60 seconds, add to your posts, and it will easily add to your traffic flow via a designated Google page?

Hint: I often forget!
Want to know the answer? It's an image!

For most websites, Google Image Search provides a substantial amount of traffic.

Take a look.

Google Image Search

If you optimise your image with the right terms (think, the image file name and ALT tag), you can get your image to appear near the start of the Google rankings.

When someone clicks on the link, they view the whole page. That's great for traffic.

Even better, the top few images often appear in the raw Google search rankings. So, you don't have to rely just on the image page. People searching for your search term can benefit as well.

Putting together an image need not be difficult. Just pull out your digital camera, your camera phone, or the webcam built into your laptop, and you can soon get a personalised image there.

Failing that, consider grabbing a frame from a video, or find a royalty free image which you can legally use (just don't grab someone else's copyrighted image without their explicit permission).

It really does add 60 seconds and is a great way to improve the reach of your blog posts.

Do you have any more ideas about how to use images to improve your search rankings, or how to create them? Just reply below and let the blog readers know.

4 replies on “A Picture A Post”

I love using images in posts. I have a wedding website that gets a TON of traffic from the photos. And to think that I've only begun to really optimize my photos with .alt tags. Just imagine how much traffic I could have gotten if I had done that earlier!

Yes, using images is definitely the way forward. I still don't do it 100% of the time, mainly if I have a sudden good idea for a blog post and want to rush to put it online.

Plus, more recently I've got Gravatars showing on the home page, which give a nice feel to the site, and started to make the posts more visual with highlighting and subheaders. Next job is to get a nice graphical header to go across the top of the site – any good header creators around?

I used a lot of them on my blog. Its very nice for other people who doesnt love reading long post so they tend to look on the photos.
Thanks Thom and Jen ! I've learned something in this post.

a pictures worth a thousand words so they say. The blogs that I read by all have pictures, often I'll be more inclined to look at blogs with pictures then without. Even if the two blogs talk aout similar things.

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