Multi Way Linking Strategies

I'm beta testing Jonathan Leger's new plugin, for getting links to the blog.

If you've reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm always very positive about Jon's tools and software releases, mainly because they're pretty good!
This latest plugin looks to be no exception.

What is does, is it automatically reads the content of blog posts and links them to other people's blog posts on a similar topic. So, if you're seeing lots of interesting new links appear, that's where it comes from.

It's great for me, as I get to include suitable content from other people on my blog. Plus, I get the benefit of inbound links from a variety of sources.

(of course, if you're reading this months down the line and the plugin's gone you'll know it didn't work, but I'm sure that isn't the case).

So, keep an eye out for PostSwapper when it officially releases and it should be a great help for your multi way linking strategies.

Have you found this post through PostSwapper? If so, let us by replying below.

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