Local Adwords Search Secrets – Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of Google Adwords Search Secrets, here's how to use the Google Global plugin for Mozilla Firefox.

This video shows you how to add new areas to the options on the context menu in Firefox, so that you can immediately check out what a visitor in your area of interest would see when they searched Google. Read the rest of this entry

Local Adword Search Secrets – Part 1

Today, I'm going to share with you Part 1 of a video on how to make Google think that you're living somewhere other than where you really are.

This can be useful when Internet Marketing, for instance to check exactly what the competition looks like (you can drill down to a single zip code), or to look for opportunities for offline marketing. Read the rest of this entry

The Three Biggest Mistakes In List Building

Back in my very first post I asked if people liked to see videos. The results were positive, so here's my first ever video blog post. Read the rest of this entry

When I first cut my teeth on digital networks, it was via a set of online discussion forums called Fidonet. This was in the early 90s, the days before many people had access to the Internet.

As the Internet rolled around (and I'd like to think I was an early apopter) it was possible migrate across to a more widely syndicated set of online discussions, called Usenet. Read the rest of this entry

Become An Expert Quickly

There's one sure fire way to make money on the Internet, and that's to release a product about something that you're an expert in.

(really, I should add something that you're an expert in and has a set of buyers waiting…)

The more difficult challenge. How do you release a product about something you're not an expert in? Read the rest of this entry

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