Create Replicable Systems

How can you give yourself an immediate Internet Marketing productivity boost?

You need to do things more efficiently.

That is, work out the tasks that you do regularly, and how you can boost your throughout in each one.

It's called developing systems. Read the rest of this entry

Write Your First Physical Book This Afternoon

Yes, you really can put together a physical book in one afternoon – and get it published on Amazon!

I've done it myself – and I want to take you behind the scenes of how I did it.

(here's the proof – 'Online Marketing Success – Volume #1: The Best Of The Blog')

Read the rest of this entry

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I wanted to use this post today to give some inspiration to those people reading who are looking to progress with making money online.

It is possible. I've accomplished it.

I don't, of course, mean that in a big-time or big-headed way. I haven't cracked the secret to 'Quitting Your Day Job' or 'Make Millions Working From Your Own Home'.

I'll be honest here. For most people, I just don't think those results are realistic – at least not in the short term. Read the rest of this entry

Save Your Products

Today, I want to touch upon what I think is a very thorny issue, that of piracy.

I've been hit by this myself. Many times I've seen products I've released (and put hard work and effort into) being circulated all around the Internet, without my permission.

As an Internet Marketer, you need to be vigilant and take steps to prevent your products being pirated. You'll never stamp it out altogether, but you'll deter the worst of the culprits. Read the rest of this entry

Blog Comment Strategy

Ever wondered why you don't get as many comments on your blog posts as you might otherwise like?

Today, I'm going to share a really simple strategy which will you to get more blog comments. Read the rest of this entry

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