The Easiest WSO Sales For Beginners

Last time, I posted to show how beginners could get started using Private Label Rights reports for profit.

This time, I want to look at another area which beginners struggle with (but, even experts should get some ideas here). And, this is about how to sell a Warrior Special Offer for profit.

Beginning WSOs

There are four things that hold back beginners from running a successful WSO.

#1 Credibility – They lack credibility and name value on the Warrior Forum. Credibility is really important to make sales, as people need to know that you have the knowledge to deliver.

#2 Contacts – Almost as important as credibility is having a rolodex of contacts. These include people who have purchased from you before, and also people who will help to promote your product (affiliates) to make it a success.

#3 A Winning Idea – Warriors are selective as to what they buy. It has to be something that will benefit them, and that usually means it will make them money.

#4 A Product – A WSO has to be an original product. You can't see a resale rights or PLR product and attempting to do this will get you banned.


The Inspiration

My inspiration for this post was a WSO I saw being offered yesterday. I won't link to the post, as that product was limited to a low number of sales (scarcity) and this post represents a refined version of that idea.

The WSO offered a simple spreadsheet of 100 Amazon products (physical products) that were big sellers and that met certain criteria that meant that they were suitable to build a web site around them.

The Easy WSO I'm recommending you run is a Research WSO.

Loss Leader

One side note for beginners. This WSO was likely being run as a loss leader to build up a list of buyers and to generate sales of subsequent products. There are methods to run a WSO for quick cash, but they require much more work. You'd be better thinking of running 2 or 3 WSOs at break even, before starting to make money from them.


Why The Research WSO Works

The Research WSO provides "Done For You" research, saving the buyer a substantial amount of time.

When done right, it also answers the four objections that hold back beginners from running WSOs.

#1 Credibility – The Credibility comes instantly from the product (the research is ready-prepared and instantly available for sale). You can add a second component of credibility by asking buyers to leave feedback in the WSO thread.

#2 Contacts – The Research WSO circumvents the need for contacts, as you are providing a service for a proven sector of the marketplace. Now, more contacts still help, but they are unnecessary. I would recommend running this through WSO Pro and providing a high commissions (100% would be recommended) so as to attract affiliates and boost sales.

#3 A Winning Idea – This is a proven idea. Although it doesn't directly make buyers money, it does save them time on research, and this time will allow Warriors to make more money. You can also position this as providing the research necessary to make money.

#4 A Product – The research is in itself the product, and need only take you a few hours to carry out. You don't need to write a report to go with it.

Indeed, these answers to the objections could easily form a substantial part of your sales copy.


Types Of Research WSOs

Any research that is suitable for more than one buyer and has a sizeable audience is suitable for a Research WSO. If you can position this in an area which is hot (there are information type WSOs selling in this area) you will boost sales and get cross sales.

Some starting points for ideas include:

#1 Amazon Product Research – This is a big seller as Amazon products of all types are hot on the Warrior Forum right now.

#2 Other Product Site Research – Ebay springs to mind as a good example, as it has its own affiliate programme, and often provides different results to Amazon.

#3 Seasonal Product Research – Use research sources to predict big sellers at different times of the year, for instance, what toys will sell best at Christmas?

#4 Niche Keyword Research – Use keyword research tools to identify good keywords for different niches of interest to Warriors.

#5 Warrior Forum Research – Warriors buy research about the Warrior Forum, for instance details of the topics for the hottest selling WSOs.#

#6 Trends Research – Monitor the trends on sites like Twitter and Google Trends and provide numbers about trends that are hot.

#7 Local Research – A lot of people focus on providing research for the United States. There is a big market for country specific research, which can lead to Warriors creating sites that are profitable, due to the much lower levels of competition.

#8 Domain Name Research – Provide a set of available domain names for different niches.


Research WSOs For Experts

Although I've aimed this post at beginners to the WSO marketplace, there are plenty of Research WSO types that work well for experts – or which provide experts the opportunity to make extra money from them.

Here are just five suggestions:

#1 Outsourcing – One of the most tedious factors about putting together a Research WSO is carrying out the research. It's simple to outsource this and get someone else to do the work (and if you train them, you can scale this method up).

#2 Personalised Research – Rather than supplying everyone with the same research, you can carry out individual research for each customer using your system. This personalisation commands a higher price, and it could be presented as either the WSO itself, or an upsell. I'd recommend you do this in conjunction with the outsourcing tactic.

#3 Membership – Upsell the WSO buyer so that they receive new research on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. That way, you get repeat commissions from a single sale.

#4 – Cross Over Products – You can create cross over products, or promote these as an affiliate. For instance, if you were selling research about Amazon products that sell, you can cross sell pre-written articles to promote those products, or training on how to set up an Amazon affiliate site.

#5 Use Paid Tools – If you have access to paid tools which other Warriors will likely not have, you can provide data from these. This is an immediate additional selling point, as you can mention the paid tools (and the level of exclusiveness) in the sales copy.

By all means, use this post an idea generator and put your own spin on the tactics. There's plenty of room for different approaches to Research WSOs in the Warrior Forum marketplace, but that will give you an extra edge.


Over To You

What do you think? Have you ever run a research WSO? How did it go?

Do you need any more information about an aspect of this approach, or do you have another tactic to share?

Do you think that this a valid way for beginners to enter the competitive world of WSO sales?

Just use the Reply box below and share your thoughts.

15 replies on “The Easiest WSO Sales For Beginners”

Hey Thom,
Interesting post.
I saw that you bought into the Amazon WSO and I’ve actually just spent all day building an Amazon list, saw this post and thought it was going to tell me an easy way of submitting a WSO! Any suggestions now I’ve got my list/product??

Hi Karen, glad you liked the post. I’ve covered a lot of aspects relating to WSOs in previous posts, so I didn’t want to overlap too much with the content for this one.

I did buy that Amazon WSO, as I can see the advantage as a timesaver, and I’m always looking to put up more Amazon sites about the right products (it’s an excellent business model). Just to show that there is a market, that WSO is now sold out (or very close to being sold out). People always pay for research.

In terms of submitting the WSO, there’s not really that much choice. You just fill in the Warrior Forum submission field and put that in for review. I’d always do that at least 24 hours before you plan to go live. Check it carefully, as once submitted you can’t view it again until you’ve paid the $40 listing fee. I always make sure all the Buy buttons are in place.

When I’m ready to launch the WSO, I like to have an email ready for my list, a post ready for forums where I promote what I’m doing, a Tweet ready for Twitter etc. That way, I help the people to support me to get the best price. I also monitor the thread closely to make sure no one is having any problems.

Do let me know when your WSO is ready and I’ll be happy to take a look.


Hi Thom, I’m on Warrior Forum by some years, and I appreciated your point of view on the launch of new WSO.
The research products you adviced are always selling great, and now that I think about it, I’m used to buy them 🙂

So you gave me some good ideas for next projects.

Thanks for all your posts, I always receive your newsletter that keeps me updated.

See you,
Alessandro Zamboni

Thanks Alessandro, always good to see you around.

There’s definitely a growing market for research type WSOs. I’ve purchased quite a lot of them myself, and I notice a few marketers who release (very specialised) ones regularly. There’s one marketer who goes further – finds a new (secret) niche with potential, and as well as providing the niche details, he also has PLR ready to aid the Warriors entering that niche. Then he limited sales to about 20 people, at a premium price.

Thanks also for being a subscriber.


Hi Thom… This is a good strategy for “breaking into” the WSO marketplace. It’s really a service-based product when it comes right down to it – you’re selling your services through a WSO, in this case your research services.

You could do the same with writing (via a PLR article pack or product), graphics or various other things. Anything that you can do once and sell multiple times would be a good fit.

The advantage of these service-based offers is that you don’t need the same credibility as you would for a “how to” product. And this is a good way to start building a list of buyers, especially if you want to offer more of the same types of WSOs or even do it for other people on a “for hire” basis.

I’ve found several ghostwriting clients as a result of PLR WSOs. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door.


Hi John,

I agree totally – there are other service type WSOs that work well for establishing yourself. PLR’s another option, although I personally don’t think that lower end PLR is as hot a seller on the Warrior Forum as it was a couple of years ago.

You could also combine the research idea with PLR (i.e. provide keyword packs with Private Label Rights). That would appeal to a different audience again, probably less concerned with the exclusivity and more with the reuse options.

PLR is definitely an excellent way to break into the “service” market too (and to get higher end clients, willing to pay more for your services). That’s a whole other area to explore.


Hello Thom,

I am a complete warrior newbie, so forgive my ignorance in advance please!

I am very interested in running my first WSO, and this post of yours has been inspiring to me. I wanted to ask you about recommending Clickbank products to site owners as a possible research WSO…?

For example, I’ve been offering to find 15 promising Clickbank products for $5 over on Here is the link:

Any suggestions on how I could turn something like that into a WSO?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

Hi Ashley,

Here’s how I would do it.

I’d choose a popular niche, carry out the research and present it in a neat report.

Then go to the Warrior Forum and sell the report you’ve produced at $5 a time. You might want to limit the sales (say, to 50).

When people buy (or in the back of the report), present them with an offer, where they can get the same level of research carried out on a niche of their choice for $17.

Then keep repeating by coming up with new niches and reports on their affiliate programmes.


Oh, one more idea. I am in the process of writing a package of PLR articles focused on a specific niche. Would the research report containing affiliate products for that niche work well as a bonus to offer with the WSO?

I think people would see that as a worthwhile bonus.

My only question with that one would be whether it would add enough sales (on top of the people who would have purchased the articles anyway) to make compiling the research worthwhile.

But, it’s definitely worth trying out and testing.


Thom, what a splendid idea. Research is so valuable to marketers and most of them do not want to spend the time doing it themselves. I love the spin of personalising the research.

Enjoy the journey.


Mandy yes, plus being able to research is a skill that not as many people have as you might think. They either don’t know the ins and outs of the process, or they’re not willing to put the time in. That’s where this WSO method really comes into its own.


I echo Thom’s concern that not everyone is qualified to be selling marketing research. I am not real knowledgeable about research WSOs, but I suspect there are a lot of people trying to hop on this bandwagon to make a quick buck who are selling junk “research.” I would think the best market research comes from people with deep knowledge and passion about particular niche areas they are interested in or perhaps folks who gained expertise in certain areas through their employment. I believe beginners should stick to areas they know well as it might make up for marginal “research” abilities.

Stanley, yes, there are certainly levels of research. If you can demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about the subject, people will trust you more and you’ll make more sales. One of the best ways to do that is to show that these are real methods that you use in your business.


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