Many of the top courses on creating Warrior Special Offers advocate creating WSOs only when you know that they’re on an area for which other Warriors want to spend a lot of money.

That seems perfectly sensible at a glance. You want to give yourself the maximum potential to make a lot of sales and to get super affiliates on board. That also means you having the greatest likelihood of getting WSO Of The Day and making serious money.

Recently, I launched Warrior Forum Pizza – a product which I didn’t expect to make massive numbers of sales. That would seem counterintuitive to the common WSO advice. And yet, I’m still very happy that I launched this product and demonstrated that I could “Think Outside The Pizza Box” (a phrase that I loved and pulled from a Jeremy Gatica testimonial).

Warrior Forum Pizza describes a method that WSO sellers can use to get bonus reports created for them (the hook is that these reports take you little time and cost you less than buying a take away pizza).

The audience for the product is immediately limited. The product is only aimed at people who create WSOs (far fewer people than those who buy WSOs). And, it’s only aimed at those who can see the value of enhancing their offers with bonus products. So, why go ahead with the product.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I launched Warrior Forum Pizza.


Reason #1 – Low Risk

The front end product for this WSO was created in a few hours and used a case study like process, similar to one that I’ve suggested in one of my earlier posts. Likewise the set up and sales copy were both fast, and the Upgrade offer was one that I purchased resale rights to. So, the only risk was my time.


Reason #2 – Test Purposes

I purchased a new piece of delivery software (WSO Pro Guardian) that I wanted to try out. What’s the best way to test the software? Simple, it’s to run a WSO. And, apart from a short software learning curve, everything worked very smoothly. Next time will be much faster.


Reason #3 – Visibility

Due to workload, I’ve not been active with creating and releasing WSOs so far this year. Getting one released quickly to maintain my own visibility as a WSO creator was important.


Reason #4 – Credibility In The WSO Training Space

I’ve always done reasonably well with small scale WSO launches. Sure, these aren’t going to trouble the ClickBank style launches, but they’re not intended to, and I tend to feel that some of the methods taught in WSO coaching courses aren’t that achievable by the average person without a huge list. I want people to feel that my training, although it’s not geared towards thousand dollar WSO launches, is both simple and achievable.


Reason #5 – Driving Traffic

A subtle reason for releasing this WSO was to drive traffic to my WSO training and product review site at The product was delivered on this site, although I didn’t explicitly promote the main blog. And yes, I did see a spike of sales from there around the WSO release time.


Release #6 – Credibility To WSO Creators

I’ve been participating recently in communities involving WSO creators and JV partners. Having a product in this niche is a good way of demonstrating expertise (and yes, I got excellent feedback for this product from many of them).


Reason #7 – Building A WSO Product Line

Focusing WSOs on one particular niche is important, and I had already part-created another product in this niche. Warrior Forum Pizza would be a perfect cross-sell to people buying this product (and would match up perfectly). Interestingly, I chose to release Warrior Forum Pizza first as the other product was waiting for transcripts to be produced.


Reason #8 – Filling A Gap

I actually moved up the release of this WSO to fill a gap in my email schedule when another WSO I was planning to promote as an affiliate was pushed back. Moving this WSO up was probably a good thing, as otherwise I’d have spent a lot longer on the sales copy (I think the fast sales copy I ended up with was plenty good enough).


Reason #9 – Money

Although I didn't start out with this WSO to get rich (and I priced the WSO accordingly), making a small profit from any product launch is always good. The initial launch probably made a direct profit of around $10 for every hour of work put into it, but as a product this will continue to be available and able to make money in the longer term. There was also some additional income made on the upgrade offer and elsewhere in the sales funnel.


Reason #10 – Sharing High Quality Information

Finally, I feel that releasing this WSO let me share high quality and actionable information, including a process that I hadn’t seen before. Now, that should be the minimum standard for any WSO, but not every Warrior works like that. The aim was to get this system out to a paid audience who I know would take advantage of it and I feel that that aim was achieved.


Over To You

Do you agree with these reasons for the launch? Have you ever created a WSO of this type? Are there any good reasons for a launch like Warrior Forum Pizza that I missed?

Just use the Comment Box below and share your thoughts.

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